Auto-Run Worm

What is an Auto-Run Worm?

Auto-Run Worms are one of the top reasons to leave strange USB sticks where you find them! Commonly distributed through USB drives, Auto-run Worms are designed as a “surprise attack” that takes advantage of the Windows Auto-Run feature (autorun.inf) to automatically execute malicious code without user consent when an infected device is plugged into a computer. Many forms of this attack also utilize Windows’ Autoplay functions.

How to Recognize This Threat: The threat generally occurs through removable media. If an unverified media object has been inserted and automatically launches, there is a potential for infection.

How to Prevent This Threat: Many modern operating systems disable Auto-Run by default, minimizing the threat of this type of worm. Ensure you have strong endpoint protection just in case as well, so that any infiltration gets squashed immediately.