Backdoor Trojan

What is a Backdoor Trojan?

Backdoor Trojans are malicious software programs designed to grant unwanted access for a remote attack. Remote attackers can send commands or leverage full control over a compromised computer. Backdoor malware and viruses bypass authentication procedures to access systems and to prevent their presence from being detected. The designation as a Trojan indicates that this form of attack does not reproduce by spreading to additional files after infection. Once a Trojan gains a foothold in a system, it adds itself to the computers startup routine so that rebooting the computer will not permanently end malicious processes.

How to Recognize This Threat: Backdoor Trojans may pose as legitimate software to trick users into running them. They can also spread as attachments or malicious links in spam email.

How to Prevent This Threat: Training users to avoid clicking on suspicious links and avoid downloading email attachments is a good start, but to ensure your network is protected, get a firewall from a top brand along with a security services subscription.