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What is a Command & Control Center?

A Command & Control Center (aka a C&C or C2) is a computer that controls a botnet. From a C&C, hackers can instruct this network of zombie computers to perform desired activities, such as launching distributed denial-of-service attacks against websites. Some botnets are controlled by a distributed command and control system, which makes them tougher to shut down.

How to Recognize This Threat: Computers on your network that are infected with malware could have a command & control center behind them trying to further communicate. Analyzing traffic, and especially taking note of communication activity coming from an otherwise dormant computer may be a clue.

How to Prevent This Threat: Configuration is key to keeping C&Cs from communicating with your network. The right configuration means strong egress rules and more. Our engineers are masters of firewall configuration, so let them do the heavy lifting for you!