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Email Malware Distribution

What is Email Malware Distribution?

Email Malware Distribution refers to a primary method used by hackers to spread malware: sending it via email. Some of the most widespread viruses have proliferated through attachments in email, with the user mistakenly double-clicking to download the malicious software. Email is still used as a method to distribute malware, though the focus has shifted from attachments to embedded links that take the user to a malicious website.

How to Recognize This Threat: Users can recognize email threats by examining their messages closely for signs of anything unusual, whether it be an unknown sender, strange typos, unknown links/attachments, or style/content issues that make an email look less than official.

How to Prevent This Threat: Users should be trained to look for signs of suspicious messages and avoid clicking on attachments/links included within them. Your network should also be equipped with robust email security hardware/software.