Logic Bombs

What are Logic Bombs?

Logic Bombs are pieces of code (usually malicious) inserted into a program that will set off a function if certain conditions (such as a behavior or a specific date/time) are met. Such functions could restrict access to or delete files. Logic Bombs – also known as slag code – are dormant until/unless those conditions are satisfied. While their uses are typically malicious – think a disgruntled employee leaving a present after being let go – logic bombs can also be used in trial software to end free access after a certain period.

How to Recognize This Threat: As logic bombs are typically deployed within a network, the most likely source is a disgruntled IT employee, so close monitoring of the activities of departing staff should reveal any suspicious activities. Logic bombs can also be planted in email attachments and suspicious file downloads, so users should be vigilant when choosing files to download.

How to Prevent This Threat: Limit administrative privileges to a select group of employees so it is less likely someone can cause major network damage by leaving a logic bomb (also a deterrent if the privilege makes it clear who would have done so). A firewall with up-to-date security services subscriptions will detect malware and make it less likely to cause major damage. Shop the top brands for your business.