What are patches?

Patches are not actually threats; they are add-ons designed by software creators to fix security vulnerabilities and other known bugs. The idea is that these software creators catch vulnerabilities on their own and patch them before they are exploited, but often an attack by a hacker is the signal that alerts software-makers of security flaws.

How to Recognize This Threat: The threat in this case is not keeping your software updated with the latest patches. Hackers often look to exploit known vulnerabilities, banking on the fact that many do not update their software in a timely manner (or at all).

How to Prevent This Threat: Major software developers have regular updates scheduled and will often alert users directly on their devices. Admins should stay abreast of these updates by subscribing to vulnerability mailing lists as well, since some patches are needed sooner than scheduled updates, and should also set policies to ensure all networked computers have the latest patches. A Managed Security Service subscription from will help you with your network configuration and ensuring the latest updates are coming through, leaving those nitty-gritty details to us!