What does it mean to Quarantine malware?

Quarantine is a technique used by anti-virus and anti-malware software to isolate infected files on a computer. Files identified by this software can include viruses and worms, as well as system files that have been infected.

How to Recognize This Threat: The user may be prompted by anti-virus/anti-malware software with an option to quarantine, clean, or delete identified files.

How to Prevent This Threat: Choosing the quarantine option places the infected file under the control of the anti-virus/anti-malware program, keeping it from further affecting a user’s system. Deleting a file altogether could cause problems if it is a system file that was infected by malware – in which case cleaning the file is a safer option. Ensure your users have a service that detects viruses and malware, giving them the option to clear their computer from infection. Get endpoint protection for your network.