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Remote Access Trojan

What is a Remote Access Trojan?

A Remote Access Trojan (or RAT) is an application that allows hackers back door administrative access to a computer. RATs, also known as Creepware, are usually downloaded either as an invisible add-on with software the user chooses to access, such as a game, or it may be sent as an email attachment. Once on a computer, the hacker has almost unfettered access to the system and can use it to spread malware to others, spy on the user, or download and delete files.

How to Recognize This Threat: RATs can be tough to identify in action as they typically do not show up on Task Manager. There may be unusual activity on the computer, but hackers behind these trojans often avoid heavy usage, making them difficult to detect.

How to Prevent This Threat: As with any downloadable malware, users should avoid downloading any suspicious attachments or clicking links they are unsure of. Network administrators should ensure all antivirus/antimalware subscriptions are active and updated, and that their firewalls are optimally configured. Ensure your configuration is at its best by having the experts at the Firewalls.com Security Operations Center handle it for you.