What is a Virus?

Viruses are harmful, malicious programs that can spread to other files. They can spread in a number of ways, including via an internet download, opening an email attachment, or connecting physical media to a device. Viruses can range from annoying – displaying messages or pop-ups – to devastating – stealing data or making your computer unusable.

How to Recognize This Threat: An infected computer’s performance can slow significantly, booting up at a snail-like pace. The computer may begin displaying ads or other pop-ups. It may also be running with heavy background activity while the user is not active.

How to Prevent This Threat: Aside from teaching employees to be careful where they click, an organization should have the latest antivirus protection active on its network. Continuously updating antivirus protection is just part of the suite of services through a FortiGuard Security Subscription, available with FortiGate firewalls.