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WiFi Eavesdropping

What is WiFi Eavesdropping?

WiFi Eavesdropping can involve a hacker stealing data while on a public, unsecured wifi network. The unsecured transmission of data allows for the theft of anything that’s unencrypted, from passwords to files to financial information (both personal and business-related). WiFi Eavesdropping can also be a more direct process, with hackers setting up a phony free network, made to look like that of an official business. Users who log in to the spoofed network are subject to the same potential theft of data. Finally, it can also occur if hackers are able to gain password access to a protected network.

How to Recognize This Threat: As a business operating a network, regular scans of available wifi networks can reveal whether a spoofed network is operating in your area. Users of public wifi can spot an unsecured network if there is no login required to have access.

How to Prevent This Threat: Users should confirm the validity of a network before connecting. Once on wifi, users can ensure their data is encrypted and difficult to access by using a virtual private network (VPN). Businesses can provide VPN access to their remote employees through a firewall, such as a SonicWall TZ300. A firewall is also the solution for a business offering wifi access, like one with built-in wifi, such as a FortiWiFi device.