Wiper Attacks

What are Wiper Attacks?

A Wiper Attack involves wiping/overwriting/removing data from the victim. Unlike typical cyber attacks which tend to be for monetary gain, wiper attacks are destructive in nature and often do not involve a ransom. Wiper malware may however be used to cover the tracks of a separate data theft.

How to Recognize This Threat: If your network is the victim of a wiper attack, it likely won’t be covert. As wiper malware actively destroys data, it is not meant to linger quietly in the background.

How to Prevent This Threat: Networks should be segmented with access to crucial data limited to a select few. Files should also be backed up in another location. You likely already have a firewall setup, but keeping your network secure is a job that could use some support. The Security Operations Center experts at Firewalls.com can help with Customized Firewall Solutions.