Why are You on this list?

You (and your users) are among the greatest cyber threats as it is human behavior that tends to lead to most breaches. A user visiting suspicious websites, downloading questionable software, using a compromised WiFi network, sharing proprietary information, skipping important software updates, or opening a suspicious email attachment opens the door to malware and data loss. You could say people are the greatest vulnerability and therefore the greatest threat to your network security.

How to Recognize This Threat: Look in the mirror and at the number of users across your organization. And don’t forget that hackers are people as well, looking to exploit others’ weaknesses for personal gain.

How to Prevent This Threat: Train yourself and your users in safe email and web browsing techniques, with regular alerts for the latest types of threats. Enable auto-updates or set reminders keep up with the latest security patches. But the human element will always be present, and hackers are crafty, so you’ll need another layer of defense. Firewalls complete with security services subscriptions can keep vulnerabilities from affecting your organization. Visit our Promos page for the latest deals on firewall bundles