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Top 3 Wireless Firewalls for 2021 – Which Wireless Firewall is Right for You?

Top 3 Wireless Firewalls for 2021

Wireless firewalls simplify deployments for small businesses. Small offices are sometimes, well, small. Sometimes that power outlet is just a few feet too far to reach your desk. Or the Internet line from your ISP is juuust out of reach of your rack. Looking to shed the cords and cables for a hassle-free network security deployment? Wireless firewalls allow greater flexibility, mobility, and can even save on Total Cost of Ownership.

For the best wireless firewall to simplify your network security setup, Firewalls.com recommends:

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What’s the difference between a wired & wireless firewall?

Wired firewalls pass data between the public Internet and other wired devices on your network through a physical ethernet cable connection. Wireless firewalls operate over a radio frequency that allows wireless devices to communicate with one another and the Internet without being hard-wired into a switch, firewall, or router.

While the wired setup has its advantages, it can be frustrating or sometimes impossible to deploy a firewall in an exact desired location as you are at the mercy of cord length and outlet placement. Plus, once a device is plugged into wired infrastructure, that machine needs to stay in that spot or risk coming unplugged.

A wireless firewall on the other hand, can be deployed in just about any location and users on the wireless network can move their machines wherever they like—assuming they stay in wireless signal range! Wireless firewalls also cut down on clutter and excessive equipment by reducing the number of cables, power supplies, and network switches needed to keep your network infrastructure powered and connected.

Fortinet FortiWifi FWF-40F Wireless Firewalls

The Fortinet FortiWifi FWF-40F wireless firewall can pump a serious amount of data over the airwaves! With a Threat Protection Throughput of up to 600 Mbps, most small offices will boast more than enough performance and security for their purposes.

This wireless firewall secures your network against advanced cyber threats with a SOC4 (system-on-a-chip) internal security processor that enables SD-WAN, accelerates performance, and integrates into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The Fortinet Secure Fabric consolidates security tasks with automated tools and strategies such as:

  • Security-driven networking that unifies user experience across the network
  • Zero trust access which protects remote workers and users both on- and off-network.
  • Automated security operations driven by AI to prevent, detect, isolate, and respond to incidents automatically
  • Dynamic cloud security to guard cloud infrastructure and secure cloud applications

Wireless Support: 3×3 MU-MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave 2 with 3 External Antenna (or antennas, or antennae)

Fortinet Wireless Firewalls 40F


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SonicWall TZ270 Wireless-AC Firewalls

The TZ270 wireless firewall is a new addition to the SonicWall firewall family, released in the last quarter of 2020. Wireless networking tag teams with Zero-Touch Deployment to make installing this firewall on a small business network a snap. With the new features of SonicOS 7.0 powering it, the TZ270 wireless firewall integrates firewalling, switching, and wireless capability with a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard to put superb visibility and control of your wireless network right at your fingertips.

Wireless Support: 2×2 802.11ac Wave 2 with 2 External Antennas

SonicWall TZ270 Wireless Firewall

Meraki MX64W Wireless Firewalls

The Meraki MX series of wireless firewalls are 100% cloud managed with SD-WAN capabilities, application-based firewalling, and auto-provision VPN, among many more advanced features. Plus, Meraki firewalls piggyback on the Cisco SNORT engine to deliver real-time signatures for up-to-the-minute threat intelligence generated from millions of security sensors around the world.

In addition to simplifying deployments in physical space, Meraki further simplifies network security with seamless firmware updates and an intuitive browser-based management.

Wireless Support: Dual-band 802.11n/ac Wave 2, 2×2 MU-MIMO with 2 spatial streams & 2 External Antenna

Cisco Meraki MX64W Wireless Firewall

Compare Fortinet Firewalls: How to Buy the Right FortiGate with 4 Easy Tools

The Fortinet firewall catalog can be a bit daunting to outsiders. With options like wireless FortiWifi appliances, ruggedized outdoor firewalls, and a slew of brand terms (What is FortiGuard?), it’s hard to find clear comparisons between the Fortinet series, models, and services available to end users. Below, you’ll find 4 tools that can help you compare Fortinet firewalls and make your wisest security investment.

2018 Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Next Generation Firewalls are technically-dense subject matter and for those who haven’t dedicated their nights and weekends to memorizing the brand terms, bundle taxonomy, and hip manufacturer lingo, it can be a challenge to get started with new purchases. The Fortinet Buyer’s Guide is designed to demystify the marketing mumbo jumbo and arm firewall buyers with insightful info about their options. The Fortinet Buyer’s Guide covers:

  • How to Accurately Size a FortiGate for your Network Environment
  • Overviews of Security Services, Bundles, & Licensing Models
  • FortiGate Series Comparisons
  • Glossary of Fortinet Terms & Acronyms

Download the Fortinet Buyers Guide


NSS Labs Comparison Series

Interested in how a Fortinet FortiGate stacks up against its biggest competitors? Firewalls.com recently published a series of head-to-head comparisons based on the results of NSS Lab’s 2018 NextGen Firewall tests. These articles lay out contrasts between security effectiveness, throughput performance, total cost of ownership, and more to provide no-nonsense recommendations backed by lab-tested outcomes.

Fortinet vs Cisco

Fortinet vs Palo Alto


Fortinet Comparison Table

If crunching numbers is more your speed, then the classic tech-spec table is a faithful fallback. Indulge your inner data nerd with our “Compare Fortinet FortiGate Models” webpage and see how a FortiGate firewall performs under a variety of workloads. Whether you’re planning to roll your firewall out with a full Unified Threat Management deployment or just want to confirm how many wireless access points your next FortiGate can support, we’ve got the answers all laid out in a crisp, stripped-down data table.

Take Me To The Table

 Compare Fortinet firewalls with our FortiGate Comparison Table


Talk to a Trusted Expert

All the tables, guided tools, sizing wizards, blog posts, and videos in the world don’t hold a candle to the informed recommendation of an expert you trust. Next generation firewalls are a highly focused niche subject best handled by a specialist. Top resellers are not only friendly and helpful, but knowledgeable! When evaluating whether a firewall vendor is worth the webpage they’re not printed on, look for signals such as genuine & descriptive reviews, product knowledge certifications, a comprehensive offering of related services, and at least some level of specialization. Much like a gaudy family restaurant with a 15-page menu, eCommerce sites that seem to sell anything and everything under the sun are likely aiming to win a numbers game rather than dedicate themselves to truly understanding their products. If you want to properly compare Fortinet firewalls, hop on a phone call with a vendor you trust!

Give Firewalls.com a call at 866-957-2975 to see for yourself why 5-star reviews, repeat customers, and industry recommendations keep pouring in. Whether you’re a VLAN veteran looking to tackle a complex deployment or a network novice trying to get your bearings, our Fortinet-certified team has the answers needed to compare Fortinet firewalls and choose the perfect FortiGate for your goals.



Want to save a little money on your next Fortinet firewall?

Check out the Firewalls.com Partner Program to learn about discounted pricing.

2018 Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Fortinet, Defined

FortiGate? FortiWifi? FortiRugged? FortiFabric? What feels like forty-million options offered by the Fortinet product catalog can be a turn-off for small business owners looking to make the wisest investment in their cybersecurity. Unfortunately, this deters many organizations from getting their hands on one of the greatest product lines in the security industry. Fortinet consistently rocks benchmark tests, with their super smart FortiGate series of next gen firewalls winning massive praise from the likes of Gartner and NSS Labs. Don’t miss out on great security solutions; download our Fortinet Buyer’s Guide!

Here’s a FortiFact: In 2018, Fortinet reported LOWEST total cost of ownership among 10 brands tested by NSS Labs. (Just $2 per secured Mbps—compare to Check Point’s whopping $57 per Mbps)

Marked as a Leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Next Gen Firewalls, Fortinet has been making waves with their E-Series firewalls featuring dedicated security content processors, their FortiRugged outdoor appliances, and FortiWifi devices with built-in wireless access points. So how can a consumer with little to no Fortinet knowledge conquer this big, bad maze of killer options?

Another FortiFact: The FortiGate NGFW blocked 100% of the evasions that testers at NSS Labs threw at it.

Meet the Firewalls.com Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Meet the Buyers Guide -- Comic drawn by Kat at Firewalls.com. Email us and we'll force her to draw one for your too!

In the pages of our short PDF Fortinet buyer’s guide, you’ll find helpful tables and definitions that demystify the catalog and examine the golden threads Fortinet spun into their FortiFabric.

More FortiFacts: FortiFabric is an end-to-end suite of security appliances, services, and licenses. Together, Fortinet’s integrated services outperform piece-by-piece security patchworks deployed by many organizations…

What Does the Fortinet Buyer’s Guide Include?

Recommended Users Counts

Glossary of Fortinet Terms

Service Definitions

Product Series Overviews

Follow-up Info on Buying Options

Third-Party Testing Reports





Get Your Copy of the Fortinet Buyer’s Guide!