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eXtending Network Security – Ping Podcast – Episode 48

Episode 48: eXtending Network Security

The network perimeter barely exists in 2021, and that means extending network security beyond the traditional edge. Aaron Chen and Shane Davis with Sophos join us to discuss the networking needs of businesses in 2021, including remote access security and visibility, performance in the face of increasing security demands, and more. How can they address those needs? We talk about the latest technologies introduced by Sophos, including XDR (extended detection & response), the XGS firewall series, and Xstream protection (including the special second Xstream processor included in XGS firewalls).

In headlines, we discuss some cybersecurity actions by the U.S. government, both against Russia and on the homefront. Then, we hear about a survey that shows business owners are ready to pony up for ransomware attacks. And finally, we talk about a nuclear cyber attack blamed on a North Korean group.

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