WatchGuard AP327X brings trusted wireless environments out of the server room

WatchGuard is extending their Trusted Wireless Environment pledge to the great outdoors and now is a great time to snag the new WatchGuard AP327X. A trusted wireless environment means more than unique SSIDs and complex passwords. With Wi-Fi touching everyone’s lives in some way or another these days, it has become clear that wireless networks need to be more than just fast; Wi-Fi should be safe and trustworthy for the users that connect to it.

The WatchGuard AP327X is designed for any and all outdoor conditions, with an IP67-rated enclosure that lets it stand up to abuse including temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 149 degrees. Steamy weather more your problem? It withstands humidity up to 95% thanks to a sealed chassis that can be mounted with direct exposure to the elements. No overhangs, shelters, awnings, or other protective housing are required. That means you can bring a secure wireless network to campuses, warehouses, manufacturing yards, malls, public hotspots, parks, festivals, fairgrounds, camp sites, arenas, and more.

WatchGuard AP327X Outdoor Wireless Access Point

WatchGuard AP327X

Medium-density, outdoor deployment

Radios: 2×2:2 MU-MIMO Wave 2

Antennas: 4 N-Type External Connectors

Maximum Data Rate (5/2.4Ghz): 867 Mbps/400 Mbps

PoE: 802.3at PoE+

Processor: Qualcomm IPQ4029-1-583 MSP

Memory: 512MB RAM & 128MB Flash


Antennas to fit any deployment

The WatchGuard AP327X includes 4 N-Type connectors of antennas, allowing greater flexibility in deployment and signal steering. 360-degree omni-directional coverage is the best choice for installations in which the WatchGuard AP327X is centrally located. In this configuration, the AP327X provides stable, secure wireless for outdoor recreation areas, pools, manufacturing buildings, and public hotspots where wireless signals are necessary in all directions. A variety of alternative external antenna choices leaves plenty of customization for complex deployments where flexible coverage patterns can prove a challenge. Built-in smart steering ensures that roaming clients are automatically shifted to the closest access point.

“Why isn’t the Wi-Fi working?”

If you’re an IT administrator, you may be very familiar with the question: “Why isn’t my Wi-Fi working?” When users lose connectivity or experience slowdowns, they come looking for explanations that admins may not readily have. WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud management provides answers for these Wi-Fi coverage mysteries, boasting a robust suite of Wi-Fi visibility, troubleshooting, and baselining capabilities that allows admins to pinpoint network and application errors whenever or wherever anomalies occur. Plus, the WatchGuard AP327X continuously scans for wireless threats and enforces security policies even if connection to the Wi-Fi cloud is lost or interrupted.

Join the Trusted Wireless Environment Movement

WatchGuard recognizes the importance and pervasiveness of wireless Internet in 2020. Users are increasingly demanding more connectivity, faster speeds, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi networks that they can trust to keep their data safe. With advanced threats like ransomware, malware cocktails, and zero-day vulnerabilities looking to exploit the rapid growth of wireless technologies, it is more important today than ever before to ensure you’re protecting your network and the users that rely on it. Check out Episode 13 of Ping: the Podcast to learn how the Emotet malware is scanning wireless networks to spread to connected devices.