The Internet of Things, Internet Security Solutions And Securing Your Smart IoT Devices

The Internet of Things not of interest to you? Think “sensors” and think how the IoT could change every business.
The automotive industry is aware of the ever increasing dangers of malware in the smallest dealer through to the largest manufacturer and more recently also within vehicles.

There have been rising reports of malware payloads being attached to vehicles which have the […]

Essential Mobile Device Management And Internet Security.

Mobile Devices & Internet Security Challenges.
Many employees are now using personal mobile devices to access their business email and work on corporate data when away from the office and also in the work environment.

This is excellent news for productivity but generates both management and security challenges.

In my domain industry, automotive distribution, e.g. cars, buses, bikes, trucks, agricultural equipment etc. dealers […]

Small Businesses Are Becoming Increasingly A Target For Cyber Criminals

Malware, Ransomware, Cyber Criminals And Small Businesses.
Some readers have mentioned to me that I focus my messages a little too much to the automotive distribution industry, e.g. dealers and distributors of cars, buses, bikes, trucks etc. With around 30 years in the industry that could well be true.

But given the type of software applications they use, the type of sensitive data […]

Free Sophos SG Essentials Firewall Training Videos On YouTube.

Sophos SG Firewalls Essentials Series
Our Sophos SG Essentials firewall videos on YouTube are designed to give you the quick-start you need to get your Sophos SG firewall up and running.

Developed by one of our specialized Sophos Certified Architects our Internet security management training videos perfectly demonstrate our mastery of the Sophos SG series firewalls.

Our Inc.’s YouTube channel contains what […]

Developing A Cybersecurity Culture At Work – Part 2.

This is the second  part of a three part management guide to developing a cybersecurity culture at work.

Using the Internet.

Actively promote employees to use the Internet for business reasons.

Give employees company email addresses for business communications.
Cloud based applications, some of them free, can assist your employees and departments with almost all aspects of their jobs. Provide them with a list […]

Fake Reviews? Not For the Internet security solutions provider!

Internet security solutions reviews.
We’ve been providing Internet security solutions since 1999 and with our well trained sales and support engineers we have continually focused on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

And as one of the few 360° online IT security solution providers our online reputation has been critical to the success of our business.

And ResellerRatings, the online ratings and review platform […]