Cisco Meraki MX84 Review & Why It’s Ideal for Branch Office Security

Cisco Meraki MX84 Review

The Cisco Meraki MX84 is, as the company would say, a security and SD-WAN appliance. In short, the MX84 is a firewall. And it’s a firewall meant for mid-sized businesses that need to easily and securely connect branches to HQ. We know IT professionals are hard to come by these days, so the simplicity of getting these appliances up and running is a major asset. On top of that, the MX84 boasts a variety of state-of-the-art features that make breaches anything but. Read on as we review the features and benefits of the Cisco Meraki MX84.

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Is Cisco Meraki Any Good?

Cisco Meraki is a leading network security brand that gets high marks from independent third party evaluations – and customers – for its security and SD-WAN offerings. So what is it known for? Simplicity. Meraki embraced cloud computing before the cloud was cool. That is to say, easy, single-pane-of-glass management is kinda their thing.

So with Meraki, expect zero-touch (AKA remote) deployment of highly effective security solutions, all managed through the cloud. In other words, admins can adjust security settings of literally thousands of sites all at once, from anywhere. And don’t forget the connectivity! Auto VPN technology connects branch offices in just 3 clicks, through a simple, web-based dashboard.

What Businesses Would Be A Good Fit For the Meraki MX84?

Meraki recommends the MX84 for distributed deployments that require remote administration across medium branch environments. Industries like retail, restaurants, real estate, construction, or even healthcare, schools, and governments may apply.

To clarify, think of a business with multiple offices or project sites but limited IT staff. One or two admins can setup and manage a few – or a few dozen – of these appliances. They’ll offer network protection and secure connectivity without spending hours and miles on deployment. In sum, there are a lot of businesses and organizations that could benefit from the Meraki MX84. And FYI, recommends the MX84 for deployments of up to 100 users.

What are some of the security features you’ll find?

  • Content Filtering
  • Web Search Filtering
  • YouTube for Schools
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Geo-based Firewall Rules
  • Active Directory Integration

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Cisco Meraki MX84 Specs


Stateful Firewall Throughput: 500 Mbps

Max VPN Throughput: 250 Mbps

Advanced Security Throughput: 200 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: 2 dedicated WAN uplinks, 8 GbE RJ45, 2 SFP, 1 USB 2.0 (for 3G/4G failover)

Maximum Concurrent VPN Tunnels: 100

Management: Cloud-based Cisco Meraki Dashboard

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Cisco Meraki MX84 Pricing & Availability

The Meraki MX84 retails for under $2,000 as a standalone appliance. As a reminder, all Cisco Meraki appliances require an active license to operate. Therefore, you can choose an Advanced Security License to get the full feature set listed above. Or pick an Enterprise license if you’re less concerned about those advanced features. Both come in 1, 3, 5, 7, & 10 year options. Visit our site or talk to an expert at 866-645-2140 to learn more.