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More Than Just Firewalls! is more than just a reseller. From the moment you land on our website you're connected to expert content, high-knowledgeable sales staff, & network security options that make securing small business easy. We earn certifications from the vendors we sell so that our team is always providing clear, concise, & informed decisions. Whether you're connecting via live chat or calling our phone lines, you have a team of real, local, certified human beings ready to take your security project from start to finish.

Learn About Firewalls

Network Solutions
What Is A Firewall?

A firewall is a device that sits in front of the network that monitors all inbound and outbound traffic for potential threats. If the firewall detects suspicious activity then it processes those threats according to the firewall rules and configuration. Firewalls basically decide what is allowed to come in and out of networks.

How Does A Firewall Work?

Firewalls work by monitoring inbound and outbound traffic on your network. When a data packet requests access to your network, firewalls inspect the packet ahead of time to determine whether the request is valid or potentially dangerous. Next generation firewalls go a step farther with Deep Packet Inspection, cracking open the entire data packet to inspect its contents before reaching a security determination.

Who Needs A Firewall?

Any business or organization that handles data or connects users to the internet needs to have a firewall. A firewall protects organizations, end users, customers, and data from all parties so businesses can operate without the fear of cybersecurity.

What Does A Firewall Protect Against?

A firewall protects against malware, ransomware, viruses, and unknown future threats. Cybercriminals use these threats in many ways to penetrate business networks and having a properly configured firewall helps protect against those.


Best Firewalls for Small Business

Fortinet FortiGate 80F
FortiGate 40F

Fortinet FortiGate 40F firewalls are best of breed SD-WAN & UTM appliances with low TCO.

SonicWall TZ370
SonicWall TZ370

SonicWall TZ370 is a next gen firewall that packs a serious punch for small businesses.

Sophos XGS 136

XGS Firewalls deliver XStream speed, security, & orchestration for advanced networking.

Palo Alto PA-220

Palo Alto firewalls offer superb performance with simplified management.

Personalized Firewall & Network Security Solutions

Our team of certified engineers and knowledgeable network security experts are available to help construct a personalized network security environment. At we sell more than just firewalls. We work with some of the most prestigious manufactures in the business to provide cybersecurity solutions that include access points, network switches, end-point protection, managed firewall services, software, and much more. Reach out to our team today to get more than just a firewall, secure the entire network.

Securing Small Business with Managed Security

Managed Security Services delivered on a commitment-free subscription model can seamlessly transform basic business networks into security-forward, high performance data fortresses! Instead of increasing headcount with expensive IT labor hires, why not let our certified & tested engineering team manage your firewalls and security configurations for you? Managed Security Services are an inexpensive, failproof way to ensure your network stays secure while you focus on running your business!
Cybersecurity Capital Expenditures vs OpEx

Transform costly Capital Expenditures into predictable monthly OpEx with Managed Security.

Network Stealth Mode

Expert configurations can hide your firewall from the prying eyes of potential attackers.

How Firewalls Stop Hackers

An expertly configured firewall & professionally managed network can make any SMB hack-proof.

Sizing Your Next Firewall

Looking for the right appliance for you network? Get it right the first time every time!