Best Wifi Access Points of 2022 | Wifi 6 Enabled

2022 Best Wifi 6 Access Points

Technology has advanced when it comes to wireless technology. The world is becoming more mobile and connected than ever before and that is why WatchGuard has invested into provided the best wifi access points of 2022. Wifi 6 technology is at the forefront of providing fast wireless internet speeds with a wider footprint that isn't as affected by objects/interference. In our article of the best access points of 2022, we'll discuss the 3 newest wifi 6 models launched by WatchGuard this year.

WatchGuard AP130

The WatchGuard AP130 is an optimal wifi 6 access point that is best suited for low-density indoor environments. These environments can include smaller offices, branch locations, and remote workers homes. Pricing for the the WatchGuard AP130 starts at $350 and is offered with additional subscriptions for an extra cost.

View the WatchGuard AP130 in our online store.

WatchGuard AP330

The WatchGuard AP330 is a mid size wifi access point that is best suited for mid-density environoments of all kinds. This model has superior range when it comes to the floor coverage in office buildings or warehouses. Pricing for the WatchGuard AP330 starts at $617 and is offered with additional subscriptions for an extra cost.

View the WatchGuard AP330 in our online store.

WatchGuard AP430CR

The WatchGuard AP430CR is a robust indoor and outdoor wifi 6 access point. When it comes to the AP430CR, there isn't an environment where this wouldn't be an optimal fit. WatchGuard recommends the AP430CR for rugged environments where wireless capabilites are a must. Pricing for the WatchGuard AP430CR starts at $1,369 and is offered with additional subscriptions for an extra cost.

View the WatchGuard AP430CR in our online store.

Additional Info

What Is Wifi 6

Wifi 6 refers to the latest generation of wireless technology, also known as 802.11ax. Another name for this new standard is High Efficiency Wifi. It replaces 802.11ac, which now goes by Wifi 5. Wireless access points and routers incorporating the technology are increasingly ubiquitous. And many new smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices are Wifi 6-certified to take full advantage of its performance capabilities.

How Is Wifi 6 Better Than Wifi 5

Wifi 6 offers several advantages over Wifi 5 when it comes to speed, performance, and even security. First, speed – often referred to as throughput – can max out around 10 Gbps for a Wifi 6 device, compared to 7 Gbps for Wifi 5. While that’s an obvious upgrade, performance accounts for a significantly greater boost – some 400% in what’s called throughput per area.

What does that mean? It means more devices can connect in high-density areas with low to no latency. In other words, it’s real-world speed. Finally, security is better, too, as Wifi 6 supports WPA3 encryption standards, the most secure version of Wifi Protected Access protocol.