Why Firewalls.com Is The Reseller of Choice During a Strained Supply Chain

Statement from our Executive Team

You, a customer or potential future customer, are valued by the team at Firewalls.com. Over the years you have grown to expect excellent customer care, top of the line products, and great prices. Even during a complicated supply chain, we aren’t going to compromise on our commitment to you. To ensure that we can still provide the best buying experience we have re-focused our attention to meet today’s challenges.

We have leveraged all of our relationships with manufacturers and distributors to provide our customers priority access to new products and supply. For many years we have earned top level partner status with our manufacturers which has allowed us to foster relationships which give us an advantage in times like these.

Our technology team is in the final stages of launching a new inventory management system that will allow us in real time to find inventory across the country and find the fastest method of delivery for our customers. In concept, this project started over a year ago in anticipation of what we are globally experiencing at the moment.

Lastly, I have tasked my executive team to optimize each of their departments with the end goal of providing the best buying experience. We understand that finding available inventory for the specific product(s) you need can be a challenge and that you have many options of who you can purchase from or find alternative solutions. It’s my number one priority to enable our customers and provide the best buying experience during times of chaos.

An e-commerce company can be so much more than shipping online products. It’s my promise to you that we’ll continue to invest in our technology, leverage our manufactures & distributors, and optimize our processes so that you can enjoy the best network security buying experience.

Brian A. Reed

CEO / President of Firewalls.com

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The global supply chain has experienced cascading challenges and left organizations scrambling to track down the networking solutions needed to secure their data.

Unfortunately, hackers have not been similarly slowed in their pursuit of pilfering data and network access.

At Firewalls.com, the fight is not over!

  • Appliances are still shipping out of our warehouse
  • Advanced security services are still abuzz in the cloud
  • And our team of certified experts is still taking your calls to help organization of all size to Get Secure & Stay Secure

Keep reading to learn how our relationships, our expertise, and our unique history safeguards our customers from long wait times.

Why You Can Trust Firewalls.com During A Strained Supply Chain

Our team has extensive relationships with multiple security vendors as well as a nationwide network of distributors. As a leader in the network security space for the last 20 years, Firewalls.com is well-positioned to navigate these inventory issues with minimal impact on customer experience.

High-tier partnership with firewall vendors provides access to large stocking orders to secure products

On-site warehouse space means many firewalls are already on our shelves, ready for shipment

Close relationship with vendors grants first-look access to resupply dates, backorders, & imminent shortages

Security training & certification equips our team to find the next best alternative in a pinch

Engineers & network architects can deploy, configure, & manage cloud-based or virtual network solutions

You Have Access & Priority to New Products & Supply
Not only is 2021 a year of supply chain struggles, it’s also seen a number of fantastic new evolutions in firewall appliance capabilities. With SonicWall’s release of Generation 7 firewalls like the TZ 270 and NSa 2700, Fortinet’s newly-minted SMB Protection bundles for devices like the FortiGate 60F, or a hot new line of Sophos XGS firewalls, there is a bounty of high-caliber products that can seriously level up your network.

These products are available, effective, and ready to ship as soon as you submit an order. We double and triple check on a daily basis to ensure that the flow of these new products is untouched by the availability concerns plaguing older alternatives.

How Your Order Is Managed For Items On Backorder

When manufacturers such as SonicWall, Fortinet, and Sophos receive a shipment of new inventory, backorders are the number one priority. Simply put, ordering your firewall now ensures you’re at the front of the line when a boat arrives in port. We encourage you to submit a quote request as soon as possible if you’re struggling to find a product. Our team will work around the clock to make sure your wait time is as short as possible.

You Have Access To Security Experts To Find Alternative Solutions

At the end of the day, these supply chain issues are the result of several layers of shortages, staffing issues, and logistical hiccups. Sometimes, a product just won’t be available in the timeframe that required to secure your network.

Our team regularly undergoes training and certification to be the most well-informed security experts on the web. We know the product catalogs, the pricelists, the bundles, the promos, the services, and solutions needed to secure your network no matter what the world throws at you.