Cybersecurity CapEx vs OpEx

Traditional views of IT budgets tend toward capital expenses, aka CapEx. In short, CapEx are big, long-term purchases. So in IT and cybersecurity parlance, that means firewalls, servers, access points, computers and things of that ilk.

Operating expenses, or OpEx, are day-to-day expenses like rent, utilities, and taxes. Do those include salaries & benefits for staff, like IT pros? Yes and no. Yes, in that companies pay employees on a regular basis much like other bills. But no, in that a new hire in a newly created position (or a group of them) can represent a big initial outlay. In IT and cybersecurity, a business may feel the need to create new roles to implement & manage ever evolving technology & solutions, bridging an organizational knowledge gap. But managed firewall services from can address that.

How to Convert Cybersecurity CapEx to OpEx?

The primary method to shift away from CapEx in IT is an often cloud-based subscription model. Businesses the world over are already in the midst of such a shift. A workplace staple like Microsoft Office represents a prime example. Rather than a single, large-scale license purchase with technology that's frozen in time, the new standard is Microsoft 365 with its predictable monthly fees and constant updates. When it comes to network security, managed firewall services make keeping up with technology and business scalability at a fixed cost simple, too, while maintaining the human touch.

CapEx vs OpEx

Why Convert Cybersecurity CapEx to OpEx?

There are numerous reasons to convert cybersecurity CapEx to OpEx whenever possible. Here are five in no particular order. First of all, a business gets a measure of cost certainty. This allows the business to project its costs well into the future with an average monthly or yearly rate. Secondly, and on a related note, a tilt toward OpEx over CapEx means fewer major, large-scale purchases.

Third, going back to the hiring of new staff, a company would likely be looking at a lengthy approval process to add employees, in addition to up-front onboarding costs. In fact, any capital expense tends to require more planning and approval than typical operating expenses. And finally, a tilt toward OpEx offers greater flexibility. If a company's needs change, so can the operating expenses. Rather than being stuck having already paid for something that no longer fits, whether due to growth or contraction, or changes in technology in the case of cybersecurity, a business can simply cancel or adjust subscriptions as things evolve.

Why Managed Firewall Services

Managed firewall services through turn a business's network security setup & maintenance over to the experts, at a predictable cost. Certified engineers maintain the network configuration, constantly evaluating and optimizing settings for security and performance, also keeping all firmware up to date. That means they'll ensure any vulnerability patches from the manufacturer are installed ASAP.

Back to the CapEx vs. OpEx argument, no major staff expansion is necessary, as engineers function as an organization's cybersecurity eyes and ears. If a business grows or security needs change, these certified experts update policies and rules to keep protection top notch. And if ever there does come a time when a new firewall CapEx is appropriate, they'll help ensure business continuity and configure the new device with preferred settings as well.

Peace of Mind Network Security

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