2906, 2015

Global Firewall Configuration Services.

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At our Dell SonicWALL and Sophos trained account managers recommend that our customers subscribe to our firewall configuration services so that we can implement all the features that they require their firewall to perform.

Every support engineer that you work with is a Certified Security Administrator which ensures that the support you receive or technical […]

2606, 2015

Buying A Firewall, Five Points You Should Know About Configuring Them.

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I recently had the opportunity to talk to Brian Reed, our President at and visionary entrepreneur specializing in defining the eVAR (E-commerce Value Add Reseller) about our firewall configuration services.
Firewalls end user support.

As you know Brian I strongly believe that manufacturers in many industries should concentrate on what they know best and not get […]

2306, 2015

Understanding Internet Security Management Concepts

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So there I was on my recent vacation stewing a little because I had promised Brian Reed, the President of that I would develop blogs for our Linkedin posts project and start off with an introduction to the concepts of Internet security management in relatively easy to understand terms.

Now these concepts relate to the confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks to your data (information) and it crossed my mind if I could actually explain the Internet security concepts in easy to understand terms. Continue reading “Understanding Internet Security Management Concepts” »

1305, 2015

3 Things to Consider when Buying a Wireless Firewall

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Firewalls with built in wireless access points are a great combination.  From within one device you can control your wired and wireless network security.  However, there are 3 trade-offs you need to consider when buying these all-in-one wireless firewalls. Continue reading “3 Things to Consider when Buying a Wireless Firewall” »

605, 2015

2015 SonicWALL Firewall Buyer’s Guide

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The goal of this document is to help you better understand the process by which you should select the correct firewall for your network. Additionally, we will explain the different security options, training and professional services available that will help you deploy the SonicWALL solution successfully.