SonicWall 24X7 Support for SonicWall Network Switch SWS14-24FPOE - 5 Year - 02-SSC-4780

  • Support via telephone, email, or web-based portal
  • 24x7 SonicWall Support for network switch issues & troubleshooting
  • Perfectly configure your SonicWall network switch ports & connections
  • Minimize downtime with SonicWall support services you can count on
  • Manufacturer Part #: 02-SSC-4780

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SonicWall Switches are a newly-launched series of multi-gig network switches built for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, & distributed enterprises looking to extend greater network control while simplifying complex deployments. SonicWall network switches feature a variety of Power-over-Ethernet options with non-PoE models, PoE switches, and Full PoE (FPoE) switches. This gives network admins and small businesses the ability to network on their terms. No deployment is too complex for a SonicWall network switch.

Manage your switch with a SonicWall firewall

Managing a SonicWall network switch is simple. A single-pane-of-glass experience means that admins won't need to click around between multiple windows or tabs to find what they need. Instead, SonicWall has consolidated all of the most critical management aspects of network switching and brought it forward with a simple, intuitive dashboard. Everything small businesses need to know about their switch can be found at a glance.

Easier network switch management also lets admins benefit in other ways. Granular segmentation allows greater control over individual users, groups, and segments. Allow, restrict, or block traffic with total control. Plus, regulatory compliance is built right into the appliance, making challenges such as PCI compliance and HIPAA easier.

SonicWall switch features

SonicWall network switches include all of the features that admins expect out of an enterprise-class appliance:

  • 802.1x Port Authentication
  • IP/MAC access control lists
  • Layer 2 switching
  • Static routing

SonicWall switches are SD-Branch ready, so even businesses looking towards digital transformation can securely rely on a SonicWall switch. Since SonicWall switches integrate seamlessly with all SonicWall products, small businesses are able to experience true Unified Threat Protection with end-to-end security, all through a single vendor. With a robust and efficient SonicWall security environment at their fingertips, small businesses can simplify management, ease compliance concerns, streamline future deployments, and ultimately lower total operational costs for network security.

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Product NameSonicWall 24X7 Support for SonicWall Network Switch SWS14-24FPOE - 5 Year
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