Barracuda Email Protection, Premium Plus, per User, 1 Month - EP-PremPlus-Usr-1M

  • Spam and Malware Protection
  • Attachment and Link Protection
  • Email Continuity and Email Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Phishing and Impersonation Protection
  • Account Takeover Protection and Automatic Remediation
  • Domain Fraud Protection, DNS Filtering
  • Threat Hunting and Response, Automated Workflows
  • Cloud Archiving, Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
  • Data Inspector, Attack Simulation
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Manufacturer Part # EP-PremPlus-Usr-1M

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Prevent threats from compromising your business, data, and employees.

To prevent advanced email threats like ransomware and email impersonation, you need to secure all points of risk — not just mailboxes but also data and users.

Don’t leave any gaps in your email protection.

Email protection requires multiple layers of defense. Most email protection solutions consist only of an email gateway that can filter some types of emails from reaching your mail server. Unfortunately, gateway-only solutions can’t stop threats from internal email accounts that may have been compromised. Barracuda combines gateway defense with AI-enabled inbox protection to protect against all email threat types.

Get  the highest detection efficacy.

Barracuda combines a global threat intelligence database and artificial intelligence to stop email threats that others can’t. It collects email, network, and application threat data from over 200,000 companies worldwide. Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes communication behavior to detect and stop impersonation attacks in real time. This means you can use threat intelligence to block access to malicious content and make web browsing safe for your users.

Detect and respond to malicious attacks and unauthorized activity.

While prevention technologies can block new email threats from reaching users, you need tools to detect attacks in real-time.

Train users to recognize email threats.

Transform employees into a powerful line of defense against damaging phishing attacks with security awareness training. Get access to highly engaging training materials and phishing simulation based on real-world examples. Enable your users to recognize the latest phishing techniques and help prevent attacks from spreading across your organization.

Simplify and automate post-delivery remediation.

Barracuda provides you with threat-hunting tools you need to uncover attacks that may have reached users. Slash the time between detection and remediation with automatic post-delivery remediation and incident response that quickly identifies and removes all malicious or unwanted messages directly from users’ inboxes. Discover sensitive data and undetected stored malware by automatically scanning your OneDrive and SharePoint files. Don’t let attacks linger in your Office 365 environment.

Stay compliant and resilient even during downtime.

Ransomware, natural disasters, and simple human error can cause the loss of business-critical data at any time. Organizations need a fast way to recover and restore lost data while staying productive.

Deploy flexible and complete Office 365 backup.

The number-one recommendation from the FBI to help protect against ransomware and other malware attacks is to have a good backup of your data. Microsoft also recommends that you use third-party backup for your Office 365 data, as they only ensure the availability of the service, not the backup and recovery of your data. Barracuda's solution provides fast backup and flexible restore capabilities for your Office 365 email and data.

Ensure compliance and simplify e-discovery.

Compliance is a key requirement for most organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe. Retain and retrieve all email communications while meeting compliance requirements for retention and e-discovery.

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Product NameBarracuda Email Protection, Premium Plus, per User, 1 Month
ManufacturerBarracuda Networks
Service Length1 Month License
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