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Barracuda Email Security services are multi-faceted defense solutions that secure your most likely attack surface: your inbox. With sophisticated social engineering attacks such as phishing, spearphishing, & Business Email Compromise (BEC) on the rise, it's more important than ever to ensure that both inbound & outbound email messages are secured. Barracuda Email Security solutions are flexible. They're sold in a variety of bundled & a la carte options, making it easy to find a flexible solution to protect your small business's email.

Barracuda Email Security

Choosing the right Barracuda Email Security Bundle

Email security from Barracuda comes with a ton of advanced features. Bundling these features into one comprehensive solution not only saves you money, but ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting your company's data. Barracuda Total Protection Email bundles are the most comprehensive, cost-effective, & easy ways to secure your inbox. Barracuda Total Protection Email bundles combine:

  • Barracuda Essentials
  • Barracuda Sentinel for Office 365
  • Barracuda Cloud Archiving
  • Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Backup
  • Barracuda Phishline

In addition to Total Protection Email bundles, Barracuda offers two smaller bundles: the Email Security & Appliance bundle as well as the Complete Protection & Compliance bundle. For some small businesses, these smaller bundles may be enough to protect the inbox. However, for organizations serious about their customers' & employees' data, the Total Protection Email bundle packs the most punch. All of the Barracuda Email Security bundles outlined below are 100% cloud based, meaning no on-prem appliances or client software are required. All Barracuda email security services are backed by Barracuda Central, providing threat intelligence from over 170,000 active reporting sites.

Email Security & Compliance Bundle
  • Multi-layer email security service
  • Data loss & data leakage prevention
  • AES 256-bit email encryption
  • Advanced Threat Protection cloud-based sandbox
  • Full-system emulation sandboxing
Complete Protection & Compliance Bundle
  • Services in Email Security & Compliance
  • Long-term cloud archiving service
  • 90 days of PST Management
  • Parallel processing to avoid throttling
  • Archive from Exchange & Google Apps
Total Protection Email Bundle
  • Full suite of Barracuda Essentials services
  • API-based integration with O365
  • Barracuda Sentinel for Office 365
  • PhishLine to harden users to phishing
  • Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response

Barracuda Email Security is complex & comprised of multiple advanced services. Luckily, managing and deploying these services is a breeze. Similarly, Barracuda email security services make compliance a breeze. In fact, all three bundles described above included all necessary security services needed to turn your tricky regulatory compliance woes into a simple checkbox. Below, we'll further break down the major Barracuda Email Security functions that make up these bundles.

Barracuda Essentials

Barracuda Essentials protects users from volumetric threats like malware & spam in addition to more targeted email-borne threats like spearphishing. This Barracuda Email Security solution provides defense-in-depth with multiple layers of security. Since 91% of cyber attacks start with an email, it is essential that small businesses harness powerful security services to keep emails, users, & data safe.

Filter Inbound Email

Quickly filter your entire volume of inbound email traffic to detect & block email threats. Barracuda Essentials protects inbound traffic with:

  • Advanced virus scanning
  • Spam scoring
  • Intent analysis
  • URL protection
  • Reputation checks

All of this is performed & managed through Barracuda Central, a global 24-hour threat operation center that constantly monitors the Internet for net threats. This Barracuda email security threat intelligence is then analyzed, compiled, & fed right into your security infrastructure. That means that your emails are protected with up to the minute updates on the most advanced email threats.

Monitor Outbound Email

Prevent data leaks, outbound attacks, & ensure secure email with strong encryption. Barracuda Essentials protects outbound traffic by:

  • Authenticating emails with DMARC, DKIM, & SPF
  • Guarding sensitive data with Data Leakage Protection
  • Preventing domains from being added to spam block lists
  • Detecting attacks that originate from your network

Outbound email protection capability from Barracuda Essentials secures your private data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, customer lists, & regulatory data.

Easily Satisfy Regulatory Compliance

Whether you need to meet regulatory compliance for HIPAA, PCI, CISSP, Barracuda Essentials has you covered with:

  • Cloud-based archiving of all emails
  • Long-term message retention & preservation
  • Simple, intuitive search functions
  • Advanced Boolean search strategies for easy eDiscovery
  • Native/mobile apps for Android & OS

Barracuda Essentials protects Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, & OneDrive data by backing it up to Barracuda Cloud Storage. With cloud archiving for your messages & protection against loss or corruption of cloud data, you can rely on Barracuda Email Security continuity no matter what the world throws at your inbox.


Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Sentinel protects your users & private data with machine learning thanks to a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine that scans for advanced threats traditional email gateways miss. This AI-based protection stops phishing & account takeover attempts dead in their tracks. Because Barracuda Sentinel integrates directly into Office 365, hidden threats that O365 can't see are dug up & removed from your mail system. Since targeted attacks often carry non-obvious malicious payload, many email security platforms miss them entirely. Barracuda Sentinel harnesses AI to outsmart, outplay, & outpace threat actors.

Sentinel As A Zero-Administration Tool

Barracuda Sentinel works silently in the background to block malicious email traffic from ever setting foot in your inbox. Sentinel and other Barracuda Email Security services even work side-by-side with any other email security platform already on your network, adding an additional layer of AI-based advanced protection to root out especially elusive threats. Management is made easy by eliminating the need to manage clunky static security rules, freeing up your IT team for other tasks.

  • Discover threats hiding in your inbox right now
  • Integrates directly with Office 365 API to detect attacks
  • Stops spearphishing attacks with web impersonation & high reputation links
  • Artificial Intelligence detects signs of malicious intent & deception
  • Prevents Business Email Compromise (BEC) attempts from ever reaching their targets

Over 95% of Office 365 mailboxes contain malicious emails that slipped past their defenses. Barracuda Sentinel discovers & removes email threats even if they've already infiltrated your system.

Barracuda Sentinel

Stop Email Spoofing & Employee Impersonation

Barracuda Sentinel automatically detects & blocks attacks that impersonate your employees by spoofing their email address. Barracuda Sentinel's AI engine detects anomalies in spoofed emails & quarantines them before they reach their intended target. Barracuda Sentinel ensures low false positives with continuous improvement of its AI precision. When one Barracuda email security customer reports a missed or false attack, the entire global Sentinel system evolves in real-time to retrain AI classifiers & threat behavior signals. That means your Barracuda Email Security is always learning.

  • Automatically gather, analyze, & visualize DMARC reports
  • Uncover anomalous patterns within email body, header, & links to stop zero-day phishing
  • Detect any type of zero-day phishing including fake sign-in pages, spoofed domains, & malicious websites
  • Recognize & quarantine emails that impersonate services such as Microsoft Outlook, Docusign, & Dropbox
  • Require zero manual rules or user setup to detect any type of attack from day one

Over 95% of Office 365 mailboxes contain malicious emails that slipped past their defenses. Barracuda Sentinel discovers & removes email threats even if they've already infiltrated your system.

Stop Account Takeover Attempts

Employee credentials are a huge target for attackers. These kinds of footholds on a small business network provide opportunities to launch more targeted persistent attacks. Barracuda Sentinel tracks IPs that exhibit suspicious behavior such as failed sign-ins & other anomalous access patterns. Automated alerting & reporting make you aware as soon as suspicious access is detected.

  • Monitor for unusual activity from unknown devices or geographic locations
  • Track both user-level & organization-wide behavior patterns
  • Automatically quarantine phishing emails that lead to account takeover
  • Detect & investigate changes to user inbox rules, which may signal a compromised account

Barracuda Sentinel lets you lock attackers out of accounts, prevent the use of compromised accounts to launch campaigns, & notify external third parties if an account on your network was used to send them a potentially malicious email. With automated DMARC reporting, you get high-level insight into which IP addresses are passing or failing DMARC, domains that are misaligned, and small businesses can improve email deliverability for their legitimate outbound traffic.


Barracuda PhishLine

Transform employees into a layer of defense on your network. Human error is by far the weakest link in the network security infrastructure outlook thanks to social engineering. Potentially devastating attacks are designed to fool employees, putting your business at risk of a breach & major data loss. Barracuda Email Security pairs with PhishLine to transform your employees into a new layer of cyber defense all their own by arming them with the knowledge, experience, & training to identify phishing, smishing, user impersonation, & other sophisticated social engineering attempts.

Test your team's readiness

With hundreds of convincing email lure templates to choose from, PhishLine allows you to test how your employees would respond to a real-life phishing attempt. Want to know how exposed your data really is? Just send a lure email to your team & watch who clicks on spoofed links, opens unknown attachments, & follows through on spoofed landing page.

  • Access to endless combinations of email templates, landing pages, email senders, & web server domains
  • Customize templates to target your simulated attacks more precisely
  • Test for smishing readiness with SMS templates
  • Gamify training to improve security know-how when employees fail a test
  • Utilize bonus security awareness training to make your workforce phishing-proof

If employees fall for the bait, they'll be redirected to effective training & knowledge resources to better prepare them for future social engineering attempts. Barracuda Email Security training is offered as computer-based training games with leaderboards and leveling systems that make learning about network security more engaging.

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