Pro Services Spotlight: Add Punch to Your Network Security

While quality network security appliances are crucial for your organization’s success, there are more factors at play when it comes to ensuring your network functions at the highest levels possible. That’s why, in addition to top-notch hardware, we have a staff of manufacturer-certified experts offering a variety of customized solutions to help your network excel. Our engineers, located on-site at our Indianapolis Security Operations Center, can assist with anything from email security to phone systems. We offer both hourly support contracts and one-time security services.


In our first post of our Pro Services Spotlight series, let’s take a closer look at a few of the Professional Services we offer that help add punch to your network security.

Firewall Health Check

So you’ve purchased your firewall and it’s been up and running for a year or two. But when was it last updated? The ever-changing landscape of online threats–including viruses, malware cocktails, and ransomware-as-a-service–means you can no longer “set it and forget it” after installing a firewall.

With a Firewall Health Check, our experts review your firewall configuration & settings to determine if there’s room for improvement in your security posture. If there is, they’ll make sure to bring your firewall up-to-date with the latest policies, configurations, best practices, and more. Our engineers assess every nook and cranny to ensure you’re ready to combat the next wave of threats.


Email Security

Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of users, email is often the easiest route for hackers to infiltrate your organization. A seemingly innocent click by an employee can expose your network to a litany of problems.

With Email Security Services, our experts configure SMTP, POP3, & IMAP settings to protect your business from threats such as phishing, domain spoofing, and other social engineering scams. Your appliance can also be configured to block sensitive information such as credit card information, social security numbers, and log-in credentials to knock out suspicious emails before they touch your network.



Over 60% of web traffic hides behind encryption. How does your security hardware know whether data is safe? Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Our engineers take on the complex task of enabling your network for deep packet inspection to scan all traffic, encrypted or otherwise, for the latest advanced threats.

We also offer expert help for deploying trusted certificates that signal to customers and visitors that your site is secure. This helps your business establish customer trust  and increase visibility to search engines like Google and Bing.


Explore All of Our Services

These are just a few of the many Professional Services our experts offer. If you’re interested in one or all of them, see our full suite of options or call us today at 317-225-4117 to learn more.