SonicWall SMB Bundles: Enterprise Security for Small Businesses

SonicWall SMB Bundles Deliver Cost-Effective All-In-One Solutions

Small businesses can be big targets for cybercrime and often, SMBs don’t have the specialized staff or budget necessary to keep up with the arms race. Small business owners know they need network security, but question where to start. SonicWall is making “square one” much easier to navigate by introducing their newly launched TotalSecure SMB Bundles. These bundles are designed to corral all of the quintessential security products and services under a single price tag, meaning small business owners aren’t scrambling to match up compatible services and compare dozens of firewall models.

What’s in a SonicWall SMB Bundle?

The SonicWall SMB Bundles provide both the technology and services that small businesses need to lock down their network in one fell swoop. The foundation of the bundle is a next generation firewall from either the SonicWall TZ series or an SonicWall NSa 2650. The TZ 370, TZ 470, TZ 570, TZ 600, and all of their wireless counterparts make up the SonicWall TZ series, providing the cutting-edge of network security technology wrapped in one small package. These next gen firewalls are capable of utilizing SonicWall’s patented Re-Assembly Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI), allowing even small offices to scan the encrypted traffic that makes up over 60% of all Internet activity.

In addition to a next generation firewall, SonicWall SMB Bundles include two years of SonicWall’s Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS), a 10-User License for SonicWall’s Capture Client Advanced, and access to the Capture Security Center for management and reporting. You can find a more detailed look at SonicWall’s Advanced Gateway Security Suite in our recent article about the service.

What’s Capture Client Advanced?

SonicWall Capture Client is an antivirus platform that includes a wide range of endpoint protection capabilities like real-time malware protection, sandboxing integration (pairs well with AGSS’s Capture ATP), and increased visibility into encrypted traffic. Capture Client is a behavior-based antivirus platform, meaning your security doesn’t rely on a distance database of security signatures and known threats. The SonicWall SMB Bundles expand your protection to shutting down malware cocktails and ransomware zero days that may not have even been invented yet! Capture Client Advances identifies suspicious files and automatically kicks them over to your Capture ATP sandbox to be analyzed, safely detonated, and banished from your network before they ever have a chance to do harm.

What’s Capture Security Center?

Capture Security Center is your new network security command center, bringing all of the moving parts and loose ends of your security posture and tying them into one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Bring governance and compliance together in a single screen, centralizing all of your security operations in an automation-friendly management & reporting powerhouse. This service is perfect for small businesses that may not have the specialized skills or staff necessary to manage large, complex infrastructure.

What’s In It For Me?

The SonicWall SMB Bundle sweeps down your checklist of security needs and marks every box along the way. Not only are small businesses getting solid perimeter firewall protection, but they’re granted SSL traffic inspection, intrusion prevention, content filtering capabilities, advanced sandboxing with Capture ATP, behavior-based scanning, visualized reporting, and more. And if a threat should ever slip past your defenses and do some damage, Capture ATP allows windows users to literally rollback and erase the damage left behind. That’s right, even a successful attack won’t have a lasting impact thanks to the rollback features included with the Capture suite.

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