Pro Services Spotlight: Ready, Set, Network!

While quality network security appliances are crucial for your organization’s success, there are more factors at play when it comes to ensuring your network functions at the highest levels possible. That’s why, in addition to top-notch hardware, we have a staff of manufacturer-certified experts offering a variety of customized solutions to help your network excel. Our engineers, located on-site at our Indianapolis Security Operations Center, can assist with anything from email security to phone systems. We offer both hourly support contracts and one-time security services.

We introduced you to a few of our Professional Services in the first of our Pro Services Spotlight posts. In the series’ second post, let’s take a closer look at a few of the Professional Services we offer that help you setup your network for success.

Go Wireless

Mobility breeds flexibility. That is, when your employees are no longer tethered to a desk to access their files, they are able to hold impromptu hallway meetings, go over a graphic at the watercooler, or video chat with a client from the break room. The key to making your workers mobile is a strong wireless network.

Our experts can help you setup fast, secure WiFi – for employees, guests, or both – scaled to your organization’s needs. They’ll also get Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) rules in place, so that you can ensure your network can safely handle the wide variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops, & more that could be logging on.



Are you down with VOIP? Yeah, you know me! By now, you’re probably aware that VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. And you’re probably also aware that VOIP is becoming more and more prevalent due to its affordability and feature set.

Optimize your VOIP system with the help of our engineers to ensure top-notch reliability and crystal clear quality. In other words, no more missed opportunities due to dropped calls or bad connections. Plus, just like WiFi, we can easily scale your VOIP up and down when needed.


High Availability

So you have your network up and running, humming away at peak efficiency. But what if your primary firewall goes down? Do you have a plan? The good news is: We Do. It’s called High Availability, and it grants access to your data around the clock, with no loss of productivity if a hardware failure occurs.

Working with our experts, you can get your backup system in place and establish maintenance schedules that will eliminate the need for planned downtime. With High Availability in place you’ll have built-in redundancy,  keeping a malfunction from becoming a disaster. 


Explore All of Our Services

These are just a few of the many Professional Services our experts offer. If you’re interested in one or all of them, see our full suite of options or call us today at 317-225-4117 to learn more.