Pro Services Spotlight: Shaping Network Access

While quality network security appliances are crucial for your organization’s success, there are more factors at play when it comes to ensuring your network functions at the highest levels possible. That’s why, in addition to top-notch hardware, we have a staff of manufacturer-certified experts offering a variety of customized solutions to help your network excel. Our engineers, located on-site at our Indianapolis Security Operations Center, can assist with anything from email security to phone systems. We offer both hourly support contracts and one-time security services.

We introduced you to a few of our Professional Services in the first of our Pro Services Spotlight posts, and a few more in the second. As we wrap up the series, we’ll explore how our experts can help you create a content and accessibility framework that maximizes security and productivity. 

Content Filtering

Are you concerned employees are spending too much time watching videos or updating their social media accounts instead of working? Or maybe you just want to ensure the websites they visit are legal and secure.

Either way, we can give you granular control of the sites your users can access. Through content filtering, you can even customize rules to specific groups, so if your marketing team needs to post on your organization’s Facebook, they can, while the rest of your employees have to use their own time to scroll through puppy photos. And if you ever want to tweak your policies for any reason, we can help with that, too.


Access Control Lists

Winters here in Indianapolis can get pretty frigid, so to keep warm, layering is key. That same principle applies when it comes to protecting your network. Access Control Lists can provide an extra blanket of security to your organization by allowing you to create ground rules for what your network lets in, who can see it, and when.

Our experts can help you build upon existing blacklists and whitelists to create firm controls unique to your organization’s needs. Limiting how users and groups can interact through your network can also limit access to sensitive data, functions, and applications, which not only keeps your information secure, it also helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Single Sign-On

It can be hard to keep track of who’s who and who’s where on your network. At least that used to be a problem…

With Single Sign-On setup by our engineers, your employees’ identities can transfer seamlessly from device to device, allowing you to easily track individual activity. It’s like a FitBit that instead of measuring their steps, measures their activity on your network. Employees can also appreciate this feature, as it eases access to their personal files and configurations – saving them time and headaches (and frantic calls to the IT department) when moving between devices. 


Explore All Our Services

These are just a few of the many Professional Services our experts offer. If you’re interested in one or all of them, see our full suite of options or call us today at 317-225-4117 to learn more.