Intelligence in the Threat Landscape

Arm yourself

The modern threat landscape has many pitfalls. The best way to set yourself up to successfully negotiate this hazardous terrain is with the proper armor. What is the right armor? Knowledge. Personal knowledge of the types of threats that exist. Organizational knowledge of how to behave online. And the knowledge of dedicated threat intelligence experts that goes into the security solutions offered by top network security providers. Companies like SonicWall, Fortinet, and Sophos have teams of security analysts keeping tabs on the threat landscape 24/7/365. They incorporate this knowledge with artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer the most comprehensive protection possible against the latest threats.

In our latest video, we take a closer look at the threat landscape, what you can do to arm yourself, and what these companies are doing to fortify that armor. Watch below:

Thirsty for more?

If you finished that video yearning for even more threat intelligence, read through the Threat Dictionary to get an A to Z guide through the current landscape.

To complete your multimedia quest for threat knowledge, we also offer an audio option. Listen to Episode 5 of Ping: A Podcast in which we talk cyber threats with two experts in the field, SonicWall’s Daniel Kremers and Fortinet’s Douglas Santos.