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Why Secure Wi-Fi

Wireless networks are a necessity in the 2019 business world – but opening up your organization’s airwaves can bring with it some unwelcome visitors. That’s why security needs to be a top consideration when setting up your WiFi. WatchGuard can help with Secure Wi-Fi. Secure Wi-Fi includes a variety of services – like a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS), access control, and excellent visibility into your wireless network’s activities – which – combined with WatchGuard access points – help ensure your business has a Trusted Wireless Environment.

A Secure Wi-Fi license also means you have access to WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud, which is where you can easily deploy your APs and manage your network (or networks) from wherever it’s most convenient to you. The Wi-Fi Cloud lets you customize your dashboard to get the network information most important to you as soon as you open it. And that setup and deployment? You can just open the GO Mobile Web App from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – whatever device you’d prefer.

Learn more about Secure Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi Cloud in our video:

How to Get Secure

A Secure Wi-Fi – or an even better Total Wi-Fi – license is available with the purchase of a WatchGuard AP. Browse the full line of access points from WatchGuard to find the ones that fit your network needs best.

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