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Adaptive Ransomware Attack

What is an Adaptive Ransomware Attack?

An Adaptive Ransomware Attack (ARA) refers to a ransomware attack that combines advanced automation and real-time human response. Hackers adapt their tools and techniques on the fly to get around defense mechanisms and infect your network with ransomware.

How to Recognize This Threat: A computer with ransomware will receive a message that a type of ransom is required to access files that were previously accessible. The files will be locked with the threat of destruction/deletion if the user does not pay a specified ransom. Theoretically, once the ransom is paid according to instructions, the hackers will provide unlock instructions and the files can be accessed once again. Adaptive ransomware attacks will manifest in the same way as other ransomware attacks, but attack visualization is needed to identify whether the ARA variation occurred.

How to Prevent This Threat: Strong End User Protection with advanced detection and remediation capabilities is key to both recognizing and stopping adaptive ransomware attacks. Combine this protection with attack visualization to ensure you understand the severity of the attack, where it came from, and how many of your data and processes were affected. Check out end user protection options from Sophos and SonicWall.