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Barracuda Email Security Services

Complete, cloud-based protection against advanced targeted attacks. Ensure continuity & prevent data loss.
Barracuda Email Total Protection Email Bundles
Total Email Protection
  • Full Barracuda Essentials services
  • API-based integration with O365
  • Barracuda Sentinel for Office 365
  • PhishLine to harden users to phishing
  • Barracuda Forensics & Response
Barracuda Email Advanced Email Security
Barracuda Essentials Bundles
  • Advanced virus scanning
  • Authenticate with DMARC, DKIM, & SPF
  • Intent analysis to stop phishing
  • Guard data with Data Leak Protection
  • Domain & sender reputation checks
Barracuda Email Sentinel for Office 365
Barracuda Sentinel for Office 365
  • Discover hidden inbox threats
  • Integrate directly with O365 API
  • Prevent web impersonation & phishing
  • Detect malicious intent & deception
  • Stop Business Email Compromise attempts
Barracuda Email Security Appliances
Email Security Appliances
  • Up to 96 hours of email spooling
  • Advanced inbound email filtering
  • Real-time protection from Barracuda
  • Cloud-based encryption included
  • Stop data loss & reputation damage
Barracuda Email Emal Security and Compliance
Email Security & Compliance
  • Multi-layer email security service
  • Data loss & data leakage prevention
  • AES 256-bit email encryption
  • ATP cloud-based sandbox
  • Full-system emulation sandboxing
Barracuda Email Complete Protection and Compliance
Complete Protection & Compliance
  • Services in Email Security & Compliance
  • Long-term cloud archiving service
  • 90 days of PST Management
  • Parallel processing to avoid throttling
  • Archive from Exchange & Google Apps
Email Protection
  • Prevent threats from compromising your business, data, and employees.
  • Detect and respond to malicious attacks and unauthorized activity.
  • Stay compliant and resilient even during downtime.

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