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Web Security Gateway Vx310

Barracuda Virtual Web Security Gateway Vx310

Unlocked the power of the web by enjoying the benefits of connectivity without the risks

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    • Uses advanced machine learning to detect & disarm ransomware
    • Multi-layer defense pre-filters possible threats
    • Powered by Barracuda's global threat intelligence network
    Special Price $49.17
    2% OFF! was $50.43
    • Virtual form factor with the same powerful Web 2.0 monitoring capabilities
    • Monitor & archive social network messages (Barracuda Message Archiver required for archival of alert messages)
    • Cloud based URL lookup utilizing Barracudas Web Categorization Service
    • continually updated with the latest malware signatures, suspicious URL listings, & online application functionality
    Special Price $166.89
    3% OFF! was $171.17
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2 Items

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