Palo Alto PA-455 Firewall

The Palo Alto Networks PA-455 is tailored for midsize businesses and enterprise branch offices. This Next-Generation Firewall leverages machine learning to enhance cybersecurity, effectively identifying and neutralizing emerging threats while offering extensive network visibility. With a firewall throughput of 3.6 Gbps and support for up to 300,000 concurrent sessions, it features advanced PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity options. The PA-455 is a reliable and scalable choice for organizations needing robust network protection.

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  1. Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks PA-455 - PAN-PA-455
    • Recommended for 75-125 user network
    • Threat Prevention Throughput: 2.3 Gbps
    • Max Sessions: 300,000
    • New Sessions per Second: 56,000
    • Appliance Only -- Includes 90-Days of Firmware Updates
    • Manufacturer Part Number:PAN-PA-455

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