Sophos SafeGuard

The easiest way to manage full disk, file/folder, or native device encryption
SOPHOS Disk Encryption Advanced
Disk Encryption Advanced

Data-centric, always-on automated full disk encryption that secures content upon creation

SOPHOS File Encryption Advanced
File Encryption Advanced

File/Folder encryption for File Shares, Cloud, Media Encryption, & Synchronized Encryption

SOPHOS File Encryption Standard
File Encryption Standard

Encrypt files individually, to remain encrypted even when transferred to a shared folder, removable USB stick, or the cloud

SOPHOS SafeGuard Easy
SafeGuard Easy

Simple full-disk encryption for laptops, netbooks, & desktops

SOPHOS SafeGuard Device Encryption
SafeGuard Device Encryption

Encryption of laptops, desktops, & removable media with comprehensive data security

SOPHOS SafeGuard Basic Encryption Bundle
SafeGuard Basic Encryption Bundle

Comprehensive encryption across platforms & devices featuring application-aware encryption that's always on

SOPHOS Data Exchange
Data Exchange

Location-based encryption of files stored on removable media that makes secure data-sharing simple

SOPHOS Encryption for Cloud Storage
Encryption for Cloud Storage

Protects data stored in the cloud with industry-certified encryption, centrally managed through a single dashboard

SOPHOS Encryption for File Shares
Encryption for File Shares

Store confidential documents securely on servers & share them easily with other users

LAN Crypt

Transparent data security for user groups & individuals with simple company-wide security policy implimentation

SOPHOS Middleware

Provides proactive data protection with synchronized, always-on encryption for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, & cloud

SOPHOS Native Device Encryption
Native Device Encryption

Secure sensetive data against theft or data loss with automated encryption operating in the background

Not Sure what to buy

Our Ultimate Sophos Firewall Buyers Guide was designed to help small business owners, IT consultants, & network administrators understand the Sophos catalog so that buyers are confident in their network security decision.