SonicWall Email Security ESA 9000 Appliance - 01-SSC-7605

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  • Unrestricted Domains
  • Hardened SonicWall Linux OS Appliance
  • 1U Form Factor fits easily in your server rack
  • Intel E3-1275 v3 Processor
  • Built-In RAM: 32 GB
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-SSC-7605


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SonicWall Email Security Appiances

SonicWall next generation email security is secure, affordable, and effective. Available as physical appliances, software, or virtual machines, SonicWall Email Security protects small business email from ransomware, malware, next generation viruses, zero day threats, spam, and more. Plus, SonicWall Email Security makes it easy for small businesses to meet email compliance regulations. Stop modern threats like Emotet, WannaCry, and Kovtar.

Bolster your defenses against email attacks

Protect against emerging zero-day attacks with the Capture Advance Threat Protection service. Our cloud-based sandboxing technology scans a broad range of email attachment types to detect advanced threats, analyze them in a multi-engine sandbox, block them prior to a security verdict, & rapidly deploy remediation signatures. Leverage multiple, patented protection techniques to stop spam & email attacks. Check email sender IP reputations, as well as the reputation of content, structure, links, images & attachments. Protect against directory harvest attacks (DHAs) & denial of service (DoS) attacks & ensure sender validation. Uncover new threats & hidden known threats with a Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm, adversarial Bayesian filtering, image analysis & gibberish detection. Identify spoofed mail & reduce spam & phishing attacks with powerful Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) email authentication technology. Get reports on sources & senders of email, so you can detect & shut down unauthorized senders falsifying email with your address.

SonicWall GRID Network

Receive the most accurate & up-to-date protection against new spam attacks while ensuring delivery of benign email with real-time threat information from the SonicWall Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) network, which collects information from millions of data sources. The SonicWall threat team analyzes that information & performs rigorous testing to establish reputation scores for senders & content, identifying new threats in real-time.

Safeguard your network with the latest security updates

Ensure your anti-spyware & anti-virus is up to date, with SonicWall GRID Anti-Virus & premium anti-virus signatures from industry partners such as McAfee, Kaspersky, & Cyren. Safeguard your network from the time a new virus outbreak occurs until the time an anti-virus signature update is available with the predictive technology of SonicWall Time-Zero virus protection.

Intelligent automation, task delegation & robust reporting

Simplify management with intelligent automation, task delegation & robust reporting. Automatically manage email addresses, accounts & user groups. Seamlessly integrate with multiple LDAP servers. Confidently delegate spam management to end users with the downloadable Junk Button for Outlook plug-in, while still retaining full control. Locate any email in seconds with the Rapid Message Search Engine. Centralized reporting (even in split mode) gives you easily customizable, systemwide & granular information on attack types, solution effectiveness & built-in performance monitoring & reports are available in PDF & JPEG formats.

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Product NameSonicWall Email Security ESA 9000 Appliance
Service Length1 Year License
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