SonicWall SMA 25 User License - Stackable - 01-SSC-7858

  • Supports up to 25 Users
  • Expand your current SMA concurrent user count by adding additional user licenses. These licenses provide a permanent expansion to the number of concurrent devices or users that can access a SonicWall SMA or SonicWall SRA appliance.
  • Maintain a business edge by keeping workers productive with access to resources from anywhere with the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access.
  • Provide a single, secure mobility gateway for all platforms , including Windows, Mac OS, & Linux
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-SSC-7858

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SonicWall SMA is the unified secure access gateway for organizations facing challenges in mobility, BYOD, & cloud migration

SonicWall SMA is a unified secure access gateway that enables organizations to provide anytime, anywhere, & any device access to mission critical corporate resources. SMA's granular access control policy engine, context aware device authorization, application level VPN & advanced authentication with single sign-on empowers organizations to embrace BYOD & mobility in a hybrid IT environment.

Mobility & BYOD

For organizations wishing to embrace BYOD, flexible working or third party access, SMA becomes the critical enforcement point across them all. SMA delivers best-in-class security to minimize surface threats, while making organizations more secure by supporting latest encryption algorithms & ciphers. SonicWALL's SMA allows administrators to provision secure mobile access & role-based privileges so end-users get fast, simple access to the business applications, data & resources they require. At the same time, organizations can institute secure BYOD policies to protect their corporate networks & data from rogue access & malware.

Managed service providers

For either organizations hosting their own infrastructure or for managed service providers, SMA provides turnkey solution to deliver a high degree of business continuity & scalability. SMA can support up to 20,000 concurrent connections on a single appliance, with the ability to scale upwards of hundreds of thousands users through intelligent clustering. Data centers can reduce costs with active-active clustering & a built-in dynamic load balancer, which reallocates global traffic to the most optimized data center in real-time based on user demand. SMA tool sets enable service providers to deliver services with zero downtime, allowing them to fulfill very aggressive SLAs.

SMA empowers IT departments to provide the best experience & the most secure access depending on the user scenario. Available as hardened physical appliances or powerful virtual appliances, SMA fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure. Organizations can choose from a range of fully clientless web-based secure access for third parties or employees on personally owned devices, or a more traditional client-based full tunnel VPN access for executives across all device types. Whether organizations need to provide reliable secure access to five users from a single location, or scale up to thousands of users across globally distributed data centers, SonicWall SMA has a solution.

SonicWall SMA enables organizations to embrace mobility & BYOD without fear, & move to the cloud with ease. SMA empowers workforces & provides them with a consistent access experience.

Move to the cloud

For organizations embarking on a cloud migration journey, SMA offers a single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure that uses a single web portal to authenticate users in a hybrid IT environment. Whether the corporate resource is on-premise, on the web or in a hosted cloud, the access experience is consistent & seamless. SMA also integrates with industry leading multi-factor authentication technologies for added security.

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