SonicWall SMA - Pooled Perpetual 24X7 Support - 100 User - 1 Year - 01-SSC-2067

  • Supports up to 5 Users
  • Perpetual licenses are full user licenses and allow any type of connection
  • Perpetual CMS licenses are stackable
  • Licenses remains perpetual after being stacked
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-SSC-2067

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Central User Licensing is an optional feature that allows a CMS to share a pool of user licenses among managed appliances. Managed appliances do not have their own user licenses & share the common pool of licenses. Customers with appliances that are globally distributed can use their licenses more efficiently with central user licenses where user demands peaks in one geographic area while it falls in a different geographic area due to off-work/night hours. Appliances that are in a datacenter can share licenses instead of having individual licenses for each appliance. When new or replacement appliances (physical or virtual) are added under CMS management, they get to share the pool of central user licenses.

How Central User Licenses Work

User licenses do not have to be applied to individual VPN appliances. The pooled licensing model allows central user licenses to be shared among the managed appliances. Central user licensing makes use of a distributed data store to keep track of license usage. The distributed data store has storage nodes on multiple appliances so that central user licensing is resilient to the failure of (or communication loss with) the CMS or any one appliance.

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Product NameSonicWall SMA - Pooled Perpetual 24X7 Support - 100 User - 1 Year
Service Length1 Year License
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