SonicWall VPN: Comparing SSL vs Global SonicWall VPN Licenses

What is the difference between SonicWall SSL VPN & Global VPN?

Comparing SonicWall SSL VPN & Global IPSec VPN services can be complicated. Both forms of remote access can provide secure connections for users, but they deliver this access in different ways. How Global IPsec VPN & SSL VPN services differ depends on which layers of the network that authentication, encryption, & distribution of data occurs. In the handy chart below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of our SSL VPN & Global VPN products.

sonicwall ssl vpn picture

SonicWall SSL VPN

  • Latest in Secure Socket Layer data encryption
  • Connect & perform faster than traditional IPSec VPN
  • Best used in mixed network environment (PCs, tablets, mobile)
  • Lightweight, easy to deploy client software
  • Designed to work only with SonicWall firewalls & SMA Devices

SonicWall Global VPN

  • Proven technology with strong data encryption
  • Best used in an all-Windows network
  • Setup can be more complex & costly than SSL VPN
  • Decrypt via digital certificates or pre-shared private keys
  • Compatible with some third-party VPN appliances

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How to configure SonicWall SSL VPN