The Threat Dictionary: Know Your Enemy

Meet the Threat Dictionary

Network security education & firewall know-how are essential to our modus operandi here at Cyber security doesn’t stop at choosing the right appliance or service subscription. Small businesses can benefit greatly from understanding the types of threats they face on a daily basis. Recognizing how breaches happen, where vulnerabilities occur, and how best to prevent them can arm even tech newbies with the knowledge to keep their data secure.

That’s why developed our new Threat Dictionary. Any frequent follower will have noticed the addition of a new tab on our humble blog’s top navigation row.  Our Threat Dictionary provides digestible overviews of the most common security threats so that firewall admins and small business owners know exactly what they’re dealing with. Plus, we tell you which security solutions are built to address each threat!

Firewalls Threat Dictionary


We cover topics from Advanced Persistent Threats to Zero-Day Exploits, and everything in between. We’ll continually expand our library of security threats so that you’re always well-informed about the latest perils to your data!

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