Firewall Buyers Guides: Learn About Firewalls, Bundles, & More with our Most Helpful Firewall Guides of 2018

Demand for convenient and comprehensive firewall buyers’ guides exploded over the past year. 2018 was witness to a whirlwind of advancements in next generation firewall defenses. Research teams at FortiGuard Labs, SonicWall’s Capture Labs, & SophosLabs pushed the envelope to hone the capabilities of artificial intelligence, behavioral-scanning, and machine learning in network security.

With product launches like the SonicWall NSa 2650 through NSa 6650 series, a revolutionary power-up to Intercept X Advanced (now with EDR), and the continued growth of the Fortinet Security Fabric, there’s a lot of acronyms, brand terms, and tech data to cover! That’s why in 2018, our Buyers Guides were a huge hit. They generating a ton of buzz and engagement from administrators, small business owners, and IT consultants alike.

Here’s a quick review of all of our firewall buyers’ guides from 2018! *Update: Our latest Ultimate Firewall Buyers Guides are now live. The buttons below will take you to the latest versions.* Arm yourself with the knowledge. Make your best network security investment.

2018 SonicWall Buyers Guide

Check out how SonicWall CGSS and SonicWall AGSS security bundles come with all the tools you need to secure your NSa series next generation firewall. An SMB or mid-range firewall with SonicWall TotalSecure transforms even small business networks into big-time security powerhouses. This guide includes everything you need to know about current SonicWall firewalls, including SonicWall configuration options.


2018 Sophos Buyers Guide

Covering everything from XG Firewalls, recommended user counts, TotalProtect bundles, to Synchronized Security operating through the super-intelligent Sophos Central security hub, our 2018 Sophos Buyers Guide can you teach you how to lockdown endpoints with real-time behavior scanning and integrate your whole network’s security infrastructure with Sophos Security Heartbeat. See how the XG 115, Intercept X, and Sophos Central are linking up to provide enterprise-grade security to small business networks.


Fortinet Buyers Guide

The Fortinet Buyers guide made its debut in October 2018, and it was packed to the brim with information about FortiGate firewalls that can help both Fortinet SMB and Fortinet enterprise customers when they’re looking to build, upgrade, or expand a secure network. FortiGate firewalls are powerful, smart, and best in class in terms of total cost of ownership. Pound for pound, FortiGate firewalls can stack up against any competitor and with reinforcements from FortiCare support contracts and FortiGuard security services, you’re never facing a fight alone. Go see how the Fortinet Security Fabric wraps up all the loose ends of network security.