Intercept Threats With Sophos Intercept X

Network threats are always lurking out there, evolving. Admins need a whole team to pick attack vectors off one-by-one. Sophos has built an all-pro squad in Intercept X, ensuring that even a Tom Brady-level hacker’s attempts to pass malware and ransomware onto your network fall short.

What is Sophos Intercept X? In short, it’s the 1970s Steel Curtain, the 1985 Chicago Bears, and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defenses all rolled into one package that protects endpoints like those units protected the end zone. Each individual layer of Sophos protection is best in class, but it’s the combination–or team–of features that put Intercept X at the top of the power rankings.

Sophos offers multiple versions of Intercept X with features that only get better as you level-up. Let’s take a look at the different Intercept X plans that are available.

Sophos Intercept X

Intercept X

This standard level of endpoint security is the backbone of all Intercept X options–the locker room leader if you will. Intercept X includes Deep Learning Malware Detection and Exploit Prevention that shuts down penetration before it impacts your device. CryptoGuard protects your files against ransomware, while WipeGuard stops boot-record attacks. You’ll also get automated malware removal, Sophos Clean to do a secondary malware scan, and Sophos Security Heartbeat. All of this combines to allow all your Sophos products to communicate, diagnose, and respond to network incidents in seconds, just like the headsets that keep coaches, coordinators, and captains on the same page during the game. You can try Intercept X completely free, no credit card required, for 30 days.

Try INTERCEPT X Free for 30 Days

Intercept X Advanced

Sophos Intercept X Advanced takes your skills to the next level. All the game-changing features of Intercept X come along for the ride and are joined by the comprehensive features of Sophos Central Endpoint Protection, creating an MVP pairing of protection. These added solutions include Web Security and Application Control, anti-malware file scanning & live protection, potentially unwanted application (PUA) blocking, data loss prevention, and runtime behavior analysis (HIPS).

Intercept X Advanced with EDR – (err XDR)

Taking Advanced a step further, Sophos’ latest addition to Intercept X adds EDR, which stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. (Update 2021: Actually now the latest is XDR – extended detection & response).  EDR means you’ll get everything Intercept X Advanced has to offer, plus cross estate threat searching, guided investigations, EDR deep learning malware analysis, on-demand threat intelligence from the experts at Sophos Labs, forensic data export, and endpoint isolation. This is definitely the Rookie of the Year of endpoint protection.


Intercept X Advanced for Server

You’re thinking bigger and Sophos has too. Intercept X Advanced for Server (Update 2021: Intercept X Advanced for Server also features XDR) prevents attacks from reaching the server, detects attacks before they run, and cleans up damage in case of a breach. This is Intercept X on a broader scale: not just the team, but the whole league. It includes the features outlines above, plus other server-based add-ons like application whitelisting, which locks down your server with one click, allowing only authorized applications to run and securing your server in safe state.


All of these options are managed through Sophos Central, a cloud-based console hosted by Sophos that allows you to configure all your products in one place, without the need for a separate management server. You can access Sophos Central anywhere, anytime.

At, we can help you get your hands on Intercept X and turn the malware hail mary into a game-winning pick six for your organization. Whether you’re already running with Sophos or not, bring Intercept X onto your team to take your endpoint protection straight to the top. See how Synchronized Security, paired with the real-time scanning of the Sophos Security Heartbeat, can be your Most Valuable Player in 2019 (or 2021). Check out our Sophos Buyers Guide for more info!