Sophos Central

Sophos Central lets you beat the hackers at their own game by coordinating your defenses

Up your cybersecurity game by taking it beyond the endpoint and including server, firewall, email data into one console.

Intercept X Advanced with XDR

Unmatched endpoint protection, extended - as EDR becomes XDR.

SOPHOS Intercept X
Intercept X Advanced

Stop attacks on your endpoints with a full suite of detection and prevention capabilities.

SOPHOS Intercept X
Intercept X Essentials

Simple, single-policy endpoint protection for small organizations.

Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR

All-in-one server protection, now with extended detection and response - XDR.

SOPHOS Intercept X
Intercept X Advanced for Server

Block the latest server-specific threats with powerful deep learning technology.

SOPHOS Intercept X
Intercept X Essentials for Server

Simple, single-policy server protection for small organizations.

SOPHOS Central Email
Email Protection

Cloud-based email security delivered simply through Sophos Central’s management console for single-pane-of-glass management

SOPHOS Central Web Protection
Web Protection

Prevent malware infections & gain complete control over your employees' web use--secured by dual, independent antivirus engines

SOPHOS Central Wireless Standard
Wireless Standard

Inuitive, effective way to manage & secure wireless networks while providing key indicators of health for wireless networks & connected clients

SOPHOS Central Mobile Security
Mobile Security

    Unified Endpoint Management & Mobile Threat Defense that helps businesses spend less time managing & securing mobile endpoints

SOPHOS Central Mobile Standard
Mobile Standard

Provides a single, dedicated space to manage endpoint, mobile, web, email, server, & wireless security all in one dashboard

SOPHOS Central Mobile Advanced
Mobile Advanced

Enterprise Mobility Management solution with deep data protection, Mobile Threat Defense, Mobile SDK, & flexible management options

SOPHOS Central Device Encryption
Device Encryption

Full disk encryption that prevents data loss in case of lost or stolen devices--managed with a single web-based management center

SOPHOS Central Phish Threat
Phish Threat

Effective phishing simulations & end user training that hardens users on your network against social engineering

Managed Threat Detection

24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service

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