Learn About Firewalls: Firewalls.com YouTube Channel offers network security how-tos, tutorials, & troubleshooting

Learning about firewalls and network security is no easy chore. While a wealth of knowledge exists across the web, few domains can translate complex network security concepts into easily-digested lessons for beginners. Likewise, troubleshooting firewall issues often leads to old, obsolete forum responses and dead ends. You’re in luck.

The Firewalls.com YouTube library is continuously growing and packed to the brim with how-to’s, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and more. Like a treasure trove full of SonicWall and Sophos solutions, Firewalls.com customers and visitors alike are sure to find the answers to their questions.

Who makes the videos?

We do! Right here in the office. Our video series is produced, edited, and narrating by our rockstar team of engineers and architects. If you’re the type of person that wants the answer straight from the horse’s mouth, then this is the channel for you. Our video makers are certified SonicWall and Sophos engineers with over a decade of combined experience in real world network security management. Learn about firewalls from the guys that spend every day up to their eyeballs in network security! Our two narrators, Alan and Matt, are ready to show you the ropes.

a look into the firewalls.com studio where we answer questions based on your search terms about cyber security, info sec, firewalls, sophos, sonicwall, and more
A look at our editing desk.

Who decides what video topics to cover?

You do! We generate topics for our videos based on the top search terms in YouTube, Google, and the Firewalls.com website. We know the Internet has important questions and we want to answer them. If there’s a certain topic you want us to cover, let us know in YouTube comment sections or on social media.

Why the Firewalls.com channel?

We want you to learn about cyber security, so we’re not going to waste your time. We’re no pack of newbs that spend the first two minutes of every video introducing ourselves, begging for likes, and talking about our BFF’s new music project. Get in, get answers, and get back to being productive.

What’s in it for me?

Information, readily available and easy to follow. Our videos are made by screen capturing our network techs using the same reporting and monitoring programs that our customers use, in real time. There’s no magic wand waving behind slick edits or cuts.

Running dual monitors? Set one screen to our YouTube and the other screen to your work space and you can fix network security snafus side-by-side, at your pace.

How can I learn more?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll be notified the moment we publish new how-tos. If you’re following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, we’re always sure to post new videos on social media as well.

firewalls.com studio for creating youtube videos answering questions about cyber security, sophos, sonicwall, watchguard, and more firewalls topics
Join us in the studio!

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