Buy a SonicWall TZ, Get a Rackmount Kit Free: Request a Quote or Live Chat now!

Get a free Rackmount.IT firewall mounting kit with your SonicWall TZ firewall purchase when you Request a Quote, Live Chat with a sales rep, or call us at 317-342-5112. Just mention this promo to your sales rep when you buy a SonicWall TZ350, TZ400TZ500, or TZ600 firewall and your rackmount kit comes free. Rackmount.IT standard kits are specially designed to fit your exact SonicWall TZ firewall model, transforming your desktop appliance into a standard server rack-compatible 1RU form factor. Not only does this reduce clutter and organize wiring, it ensures that nothing short of a tornado is going to cause your appliance to experience a fall or loss of power.

Declutter your workspace & bring ports to the front of the rack

Small businesses don’t always need beefy, mid-sized firewalls like the SonicWall NSa 3650 to keep safe. Sometimes the TZ350 is more than powerful enough for a small office or branch outpost where only 10 or 20 employees may use the network. And while big things may come in small packages, why should that small package have to sit on the corner of your desk? Rackmount.IT kits will secure your firewall in a 19-inch 1RU tray, designed to snugly house your appliance and attached power supply, freeing up space in your small office.

Rackmount kits also keep your server space organized by bringing your firewall’s console and RJ45 cables to the front of the rack where they can be easily accessed and organized, instead of hidden in the back of the server closet. That means no more side-shuffling over tangled cords with a flashlight in your mouth, feather duster in one hand, and clipboard in the other.

Liberate your ports. Liberate your workspace. Rackmounts give any small office that polished, professional feel.

Secure the power supply

Time is money, so every minute that your network is down is a dollar you didn’t earn. Downtime occurs for a variety of reasons: loss of connectivity, hardware malfunction, natural disasters, sabotage, you name it. However, a loose power cord is the last thing that should prevent your company from conducting business. Rackmount kits not only secure your firewall appliance, they also secure the power supply block, ensuring that your firewall won’t lose power in the case of a bump, tremor, shoved rack, slammed door, jostled cord, or whatever other absentminded mistake may otherwise disrupt your day-to-day.

Attractive, high-quality chassis

Did we mention these things look pretty nice too?


How to get your free Rackmount.IT kit

There are three simple ways you can get your free rackmount kit when you buy SonicWall TZ350, TZ400TZ500, or TZ600 firewall. No secrets here:

Give us a request by clicking “Request a Quote;” get a free rackmount kit

Give us a call at 317-342-5112; get a free rackmount kit

Give us a chat in the bottom right corner of our website; get a free rackmount kit

That’s it. If you’re buying a SonicWall TZ firewall, all you have to do is ask one of our sales reps about the promo and they’ll tag your quote with a rackmount kit, absolutely free of charge when you complete your purchase.