SonicWall Support: How to Support Your SonicWall

What is SonicWall Support…And why do I need it?

A SonicWall firewall is an important purchase. It’s an investment showing that you recognize the need to protect your network from the many cyber threats out there today. But to truly ensure you have that secure network through thick and thin, you need someone backing you – and it – up. That’s where SonicWall Support comes in to lend a hand. What do you get with SonicWall Support?

Software and Firmware Updates

We know that cyber threats are ever evolving. And never before seen vulnerabilities can pop up out of the blue. A SonicWall Support subscription gets you any software and firmware updates needed to patch those unforeseen holes. That means you don’t need to search out updates or worry if you’ll be able to load them. Just like Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and even Ross – they’ll be there for you. Oh, and the same goes for any software or firmware upgrades while your subscription is active.

Advance Hardware Replacement

If it seems like something’s wrong with your firewall, SonicWall Support will work with you to see if a replacement is needed. If so, you’ll receive a Returned Material Authorization or RMA number. And most importantly, SonicWall will ship you a replacement unit for next business day delivery. The replacement appliance will even automatically have your registration information and subscription services transferred to it. All you’ll need to do is return your defective device, with shipping paid by SonicWall.

Technical Support

Simply put, when you have a question or issue, you can reach out for help in whatever contact method you prefer. You get an expert on the other end of the phone, an online chat, or an email. They’ll help you troubleshoot your issue with knowledgeable technical support. You can go with 8×5 Support – which is available during business hours Monday through Friday in your time zone. Go for 24×7 Support to ensure there’s always someone at your beck and call immediately, because trouble doesn’t care what time it is.

SonicWall Support also equips you with tools to support yourself. There’s a knowledge base offering detailed documentation. And moderated discussion groups through the SonicWall Community allow you to collaborate with others to solve common problems.

Beyond Support

Keep in mind, SonicWall Support specialists are there to ensure your products perform up to specifications – so not every question or situation may qualify. The good news is, if you need more advanced support there’s an option for you as well. To ensure you’ll always have answers to any questions about your network – you’ll want to go managed. That is, a managed security subscription through

Our Managed Security Service takes you beyond support – with certified engineers offering configuration updates, help with any network issues you may have, assistance with those software or firmware updates, help with equipment repair or replacement, and more. That more includes 24×7 monitoring of your firewall with quarterly checkups and web-based reporting. In fact, you can expect a call from us offering a fix to an issue or a configuration tweak to optimize your network. That proactive monitoring means solutions come before problems take down your network. And signing up for Managed Services requires no contract – they operate with flexible month to month subscriptions. Visit our Professional Services page to learn more, or call 866-645-2140 to get started.

How Do I Get SonicWall Support?

SonicWall Support is available in a variety of ways (and for a variety of products). The simplest – and best – way to get a support subscription is through a TotalSecure Advanced Edition bundle. The bundle includes SonicWall hardware plus Advanced Gateway Security Suite, which includes 24×7 support plus just about any other key security service you can think of. If you want to go the a la carte route, both 8×5 and Standard Support subscription options are also available, but the bundle is the way to go for total network protection from any threat.