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Safe Harbor and More Cybersecurity Laws – Ping Podcast – Episode 42

Episode 42: Safe Harbor and More Cybersecurity Laws

With recent attacks/breaches like SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange, cybersecurity is an ever increasing priority. But beyond avoiding attack – which is a pretty big incentive – what other incentives do businesses have to invest in cybersecurity? Cynthia Brumfield, cybersecurity analyst, writer, and creator of the Metacurity newsletter, joins us to discuss safe harbor laws on the docket in a growing number of states. These laws would offer businesses liability protection if they take reasonable cybersecurity measures. We also talk data protection regulations at the state level, and hear about what the federal government is doing to prioritize cybersecurity as well.

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In headlines, it’s a ransomware trifecta. First, we talk about a cyber insurance company under attack by a potentially familiar foe. And then, we go inside a ransomware attack on British fashion retailer FatFace and get a look at the ransom negotiations. And finally, we hear about a ransomware cell hanging it up, and offering refunds, too!

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