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What’s the Difference Between the SonicWall TZ570 & TZ500?

SonicWall has hit the cybersecurity market with a big haymaker powered by new appliances, an updated Operating System, and new license bundles. Chief among these new champions is the SonicWall TZ570, an evolution of the SonicWall TZ500 that comes before it. With increased throughput, faster interfaces, and more features than ever, the TZ570 is primed to take the desktop NGFW world by storm in 2020. We’ll break down the stats, give an overview of what’s changed, and tell you how to get your mitts on the new SonicWall TZ570!

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The SonicWall TZ570

SonicWall TZ570 ports, tech specs, and interfaces

SonicWall TZ570 Tech Specs – Datasheet

Firewall Throughput: 4.0 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 2.5 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 2.0 Gbps

DPI SSL Throughput: 750 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 1,250,000

New Connections per Second: 16,000

VLAN Interfaces: 256

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SonicWall TZ570 Overview

The SonicWall TZ570 series is SonicWall’s first desktop form factor next-generation firewall NGFW with 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Equipped with the latest SonicOS 7.0, launched in August of 2020, the SonicWall TZ570 builds upon the high security pedigree of its predecessor the TZ500 wile adding integrated SD-WAN, high-speed virtual private networking, and updated modern user interfaces.

The TZ570 includes 10 high-density 5 GbE ports and built-in storage that can be expanded up to 256 GB with optional modules. This enables advanced logging, reporting, caching, firmware backups, and more.

All this is centrally managed through a single pane of glass with modern UX in mind to make managing your network more intuitive. The SonicWall TZ uses Zero Touch Deployment to let network admins easily roll out multiple devices across locations without the need for intense IT support. Manage SonicWall network switches, SonicWave access points, and all your other SonicWall appliances and services through the TZ570.


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The SonicWall TZ500

SonicWall TZ500 Next Generation Firewall

SonicWall TZ500 Tech Specs – Datasheet

Firewall Throughput: 1.4 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1.0 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 700 Mbps

DPI SSL Throughput: 225 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 150,000

New Connections per Second: 8,000

VLAN Interfaces: 50

Not sure what these numbers mean? How about another reminder about our post explaining firewall Tech Specs!

SonicWall TZ500 Overview

The SonicWall TZ500 is a next generation firewall recommended for 36 to 50 users. Admins will be quite familiar with the TZ500 and its other SonicWall TZ series counterparts due to their long history of extending advanced security to small and mid-sized businesses. Paired with an Advanced Gateway Security Suite bundle, the TZ500 has successfully stood guard over thousands of networks worldwide.

The SonicWall TZ500 includes multiple USB ports for 3G/4G failover, six 1-GbE interfaces, as well as an X0 LAN and X1 WAN port. The TZ500 can reach maximum throughput speeds up to 1.4 Gbps and accommodate 25 site-to-site VPN tunnels. However, if you have a need for speed (and connectivity), the SonicWall TZ570 has built on the strengths of the TZ500, raising those stats to 4.0 Gbps throughput and room for a whopping 200 site-to-site tunnels.


SonicWall TZ570 Datasheets, Tech Specs, & Pricing

Curious how to get your hands on this young titan of network security? Want to see what the SonicWall TZ570 can do for your small business network? Firewalls.com has all of the latest datasheets so you can check out tech specs, view license bundling options, and learn how to save money on your TZ570.

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