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What is FortiEDR: Real-time protection before and after infection

Introducing FortiEDR

Advanced endpoint protection is a must for any organization, and one of the most comprehensive solutions out there was built from the ground up for end to end security: FortiEDR. In case you missed it, EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. But that only begins to describe the total protection you get with FortiEDR.

FortiEDR offers something far beyond first generation endpoint offerings: Real-Time Protection, pre- and post-incident. That means it’s proactively working 24/7/365 to stop infections before they start. And if you somehow get infected, it jumps all over the infection with heavy artillery to make your network whole again.

FortiEDR Discover-Predict Diagram


What does FortiEDR do to stop malware before it gets to your network? It proactively discovers any rogue endpoints and unsecure IoT (internet of things) devices – let’s face it there can be a lot. Meanwhile, it continuously scans for vulnerabilities and comes with risk-based policies that make it harder for attackers to get in. And if it finds vulnerabilities? You get virtual patches. It’l likely to catch even the wildest of wild malware with its machine learning antivirus engine and signature-less detection that can block threats before execution.


If any threats do find their way through, FortiEDR is ready to stop them in – did I mention? – real-time. It automatically defuses potential threats with automated response and remediation. Defusing these threats post-infection means blocking outbound communication, and stopping data tampering, exfiltration, and even the dreaded ransomware encryption.

Any malware that’s made even the slightest dent in your network won’t have that satisfaction for long, as FortiEDR can rollback any changes its made. It’ll also remove any of those pesky bad files that try to stick around. And this remediation and rollback all occurs without interrupting your business.

With all that action taking place, you’ll want to have a play-by-play, so FortiEDR offers full visibility into attacks. That means forensic data, malware classification, a memory snapshot in case of fileless attacks, and more. Plus, admins can even customize incident response playbooks with optional MDR – or managed detection and response – service.


Another big plus for FortiEDR is its integration into the Fortinet Security Fabric. It works seamlessly with every other Fortinet protection platform, from FortiClient licenses to FortiGate firewalls to FortiSandbox sandboxing. They all speak the same language – allowing you to manage your network from a single-pane-of-glass.

How do I get FortiEDR?

FortiEDR licenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That means you have options. Choose your solution based on your number of users – aka assets – starting at 500, and the level of protection you desire. Offerings include Predict & Protect, Protect & Response, and Predict, Protect, & Response – which covers all we discussed here. FortiEDR’s cost depends on the combination you select. The cost to your business not to have this advanced endpoint detection and response in place when an attack comes around is immeasurable. Shop now to find the right option for you!


What is EDR? Automated endpoint detection & real-time response to threats

To continue our recent theme of decoding abbreviations, EDR means Endpoint Detection & Response, and that means that the age of AI is upgrading networks. This automated, real-time endpoint solution ensures that end users can work securely no matter where in the world they’re located in relation to a firewall.

With EDR, your network defenses constantly scan for the kinds of elusive malware, ransomware, and zero day threats that signature-based detection platforms miss. And in the event a security incident occurs, advanced Endpoint Detection & Response platforms such as Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR or FortiEDR stop attacks even if the endpoint is compromised. Guided response lets administrators easily walk through the steps of an attack to see its root cause and isolate infected machines.

EDR’s machine learning systems deter, detect, disarm, dissect, deescalate, and do away with any cyber threats you can throw its way.

Why EDR works for small businesses

Survey after survey several years running have revealed two facts: a majority of small businesses find it difficult to hire qualified IT talent–especially talent focused on network security–and their budgets often struggle to accommodate the talent they do find. Automated endpoint detection and response monitored by 24-hour machine learning intelligence adds just the kind of cybersecurity expertise that SMBs need without a higher employee headcount.

Just like modern grocery stores have self-checkout lines and autoworkers now benefit from the assistance of robotics, automation enables small businesses to do more with less to get the job done. Farm out malware expertise and incident response to the bots!

Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR

Intercept X Advanced has been a longstanding go-to for network admins looking to add advanced protection to their networks in a comprehensive, integrated system. Sophos Intercept X Advanced now also consolidates that industry-leading protection and EDR into a single solution. Intercept X’s advanced malware prevention significantly eases the workload on the EDR component, allowing you to utilize more of the speed and performance you pay your Internet Service Provider for.

  • Minimize staffing by automating IT tasks usually done by skilled experts
  • Prioritize potential threats & automatically detect security incidents
  • Provide visibility into attack scope, root cause, impact, & network health
  • Hunt for indicators of compromise that may leave your network vulnerable


Fortinet FortiEDR

FortiEDR will be made available to order on May 4th and is already boasting some big benefits and features. An EDR solution purpose-built to detect potential threats, FortiEDR stops breaches in real time, and mitigate the damage of ransomware even on machines that have already been compromised. FortiEDR also extends security to IOT devices with the ability to protect everything from PCs to servers to point-of-sale systems and more.

  • Creates very small network footprint thanks to native cloud infrastructure
  • Enjoy automated EPP with orchestrated response across platforms
  • Stop file-based malware with Fortinet’s kernel-level Next Gen AV engine
  • Eliminate dwell time & reduce post-breach expenses


SonicWall Capture Client

Automated endpoint detection and response is integrated into SonicWall’s Capture Client, bringing together EDR, advanced threat protection, and integrated network security. With unique ransomware rollback capabilities and intuitive attack visualizations, Capture Client offers a comprehensive endpoint protection and EDR environment for any SonicWall network.


  • Next-generation SentinelOne malware protection engine
  • Advanced threat protection with sandbox integration
  • Behavior-based scanning powered by machine learning
  • Unique attack rollback capabilities using Volume Shadow Copy Service
  • Install & manage trusted TLS certificates to leverage DPI-SSL